Michelin map #518 - can I get this from a bookshop in France?


I’m about to depart for France, and can’t seem to find a way to get one of the Michelin maps delivered in time, to my address in the US… nor can I find it in stock at local bookstores around here. It’s the Michelin map for Centre, map #518.

Just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these maps in France, by Michelin (doesn’t have to be #518) and if so, where did you buy it? (I’m hoping to have luck at the airport, perhaps, but not counting on this. I may have to resign myself to not having it in time which won’t be the end of the world :sunny: )

Don’t know about “in time” because I don’t have a US address to check delivery times but have you looked on Amazon.com - seems to be in stock.

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Hi Paul, thanks. Yes, I did, and that’s the problem. My address seems to be a difficult one to deliver to, in time, up here in the wilds of coastal Maine. But, now that I’ve written this to you I do have a new idea for how to get one. Will keep trying.


Look for a bookshop where you will be (librarie, not a bibliothèque) and contact them to order it for you. Our local bookshop happily orders things for us and we pick up when in town, as we hate using amazon. You will also probably find that the map will be available in bookshops within the area it covers.

Alternatively many companies deliver to a “relais colis” much more cheaply than your house/where you are staying and it will be local tobacconist or equivalent.

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