Micro Entrepreneur ?artiste

Hi all
We’re moving to France at the end of the year. I’m taking early retirement as a nurse but want to continue my passion of selling second hand furniture to top up my pension under Micro Entrepreneur system. Sometimes, if the exterior of the furniture is not in good condition, I paint it or sand and wax.
I will be selling the majority of the furniture via internet mainly in the UK taking it over 2 - 3 times a year. What I’m confused about is which category I put myself in. Am I a Commerçant or an artiste as I sometimes paint the furniture or change the drawer handles? And do I need to take the business administration course?

Hi Janet…

Welcome to the Forum… I’m sure someone will chime in with info…

That sounds like a business with a lot of expenses, are you sure that ME is the best option?

You don’t create the furniture from scratch so you would be a commerçante. Putting a handle on something , polishing it or even giving it a coat of paint don’t count as art.

Thanks for your reply
Some expense but not a lot - any expense is added to the price of re-sell

Thank you so much - that makes sense