Micro entrepreneur & inactive spouse health cover - does it still apply?

I have obtained micro entrepreneur status and a week later my social security number has arrived. I’m not sure what I need to do next re: Carte Vitale. I was under the impression that my husband as an early retiree would also be covered by me ME status but have been told on another site that this no longer applies to new ME applicants and he will need to apply himself.
I have also tried to log in on Amelie fr but it is not recognising my SS number (it begins with 2 and has 15 numbers - i have only put in the first 13 numbers)
Any advice on these matters would be appreciated as I’m proper confused

At some point… soonish - you’ll get a form - birth cert - marriage cert if required - passport and a couple of bits of paper will be needed. A month to 6 weeks after that another form arrives - sign - attach passport photo - then a month or so later your Carte Vitale should arrive - but its a few months after you register. I registered in March 2018 - CV arrived in September 2018. May be quicker elsewhere but Limoges it was a slow process.

You’re partner has to go sort himself out I don’t think there’s any coverage beyond the individual anymore

As Chris says, on both questions.
Adults joining the health system stopped being given cover as ayant droits in January 2016 when PUMA was introduced, and the ayant droit status for adults will have been phased out altogether very soon. Your OH will need to apply to CPAM in his own right as a self-supporting inactif.
Re your carte vitale, you don’t need to do anything until you’re contacted. Once the process has been set in motion everything happens automatically, just be patient.
Good luck with the new business!

I am waiting for my dwp form and it’s taking ages. Is it worth applying for my carte vitale anyway and do i need a letter to say that my husband’s pension is my main financial support? We are both inactifs.