Microsoft 365 keeps asking me to sign in

When I go into any of the Microsoft programmes on my computer I get the following message …


It first started about 2 weeks ago and at the time there was a “not now” message (or something similar) in the bottom LH corner. So I just clicked on that and the message went, until the next time I opened a Microsoft product (I have outlook, word, excel, powerpoint and publisher).
The message has got marginally less friendly - no “not now” any more, but I can still bat it away by clicking on the cross top RH corner.

OH tells me, he is the M/S 365 account holder for which he is direct debited and I am one of the five people (or maybe it’s four) who can be attached to his a/c. We have a home network. He has 2 PCs + laptop and I have 1 PC.

He does not get this message and he’s telling me to ignore it. But I think he maybe being complacent. The last thing on earth I need is to be locked out of Microsoft - I’ve got a lot going on.

I’d welcome any help /advice please as to whether I need to do anything (like sign in) and whether I am in danger if I ignore it and indeed, why this might have suddenly started happening. I’d obviously ask OH but he’s still pumped full of two lots of anaesthetic and stuff like this is tough for him so I’d rather look for suggestions here and then take those to him. Thanks for any help

And I know there isn’t much of a fan club here for Microsoft but please don’t say my solution is the go elsewhere. For the moment at least it’s"better the devil I know".

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Microsoft 365 does this to verify accounts from time to time. Just click on ‘sign in’ and enter your account email and password. You’ll then be left in peace to get on with your activities. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you ignore it, you’ll lose access to MS365 and your cloud-saved files until you sign in again

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365 is the best office bundle with cloud storage (via One drive) around IMO. I have to re-sign in on various devices every now and then. If it persists maybe worth cleaning out cookies?


I’m with John on this. Despite me not being Microsoft’s biggest fan, Office is so much better than the alternatives. I have to use Google’s equivalent for work now… It’s so painful in comparison :sob:


no idea what they are. :roll_eyes:

Microsoft 365 comes with the ability to store your files on your computer or ‘in the cloud’ - on remote computers managed by Microsoft.

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Worth doing Sue, for backup reasons alone.

The sign in thing got more complicated as I tried signing in, only to be told I was using the wrong email address (OH’s). So then I tried with my own email address - same result. I panicked and decided I couldn’t risk not getting access to the stuff I’m working on and decided to take out my own account with my own email - single user, 69€ pa. Worth it for tranquillity. But that didn’t work either, but, what it did do was show me I now had TWO accounts and that one of them was “attached” to OH and the email address for that was my gmail, which I never use. I can only assume in the dim and distant past Microsoft had invited me to sign in with my gmail address and I foolishly pressed the button.
Anyway, I signed out of both, signed back in via gmail, to be told to update my license, which I did and Microsoft has finally stopped badgering me. I’ve asked for my 69€ back - fingers crossed.
Microsoft does not make things easy!


A bit of a palaver Sue - well done for persevering!

I have had problems when old and new accounts have been on the same pc. I once got stuck in a loop that kept bouncing me from old to new. It was eventually resolved after a lengthy series of emails with Microsoft. It took about 10 weeks :grimacing:

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