Microstation d'epuration installation

Installing this today!

Hello Gordon

The Conder ASP8EH can be used for a property from 1 - 6 bedrooms, the system can be fitted in less than 9m2

The Conder microstation has a Spanc agrement N°2012-045 and was supplied by Innov-eau, who distribute Conder products in France

We installed a Purestation three years ago, but only now being used, which has three separate chambers though more can be included for larger property.

Hi James,

What size property will this serve? Did you chose on the grounds of cost or because you have limited space?

James did it come from Bio Verte?

The WPL diamond is very similar, it's easy to install and the only difference seems to be the height of the inlets/outlets to make things a bit easier.

This is the system http://www.innov-eau.com/

Will do, video in the pipeline too (pun intended) :)

Have fun! Lots of photography expected on this one, just to show people the process from beginning to end - presuming the digger has not already excavated. We have to do this in the near future before our local SPANC makes us, so keep this post rolling with the shots please.

Be Careful! A near neighbour (half a mile) in Wales had a similar one fitted/installed a year ago, and it has twice 'floated' to a higher position since, due to ground water rising after heavy rain. and we are all around 1100 feet up!