Mid-Term Elections in the US

(Mary Wolcott) #1

It’s a big night for the US, while not a presidential election, it’s considered a big deal for the senate, house of representatives, and many state governor elections.

The demography of voters is interesting. It’s early yet, and half of the polls across the US have closed, but it’s being said that on both sides: Democrats and Republicans, the voter turnout is big.

I’m someone who has a visceral reaction whenever I even hear Trump’s name (gagging just writing that name).

Anyway. An election that doesn’t usually garner a ton of attention, is garnering far more interest this time. Many are watching things closely, hoping lots of good things happen. Don’t know how many people on SF have heard of Bernie Sanders but it’s looking great for him, to retain his seat in the Senate.

(Jane Williamson) #2

Mitt Romney will be a thorn in the side of that man.
Good news that the Democrats now have the House.

(David GAY) #3

One would have to be politically stone deaf not to have heard of Bernie Sanders; Fortunately for the US he seems rather more genuine than Old Courgettes.

(Timothy Cole) #4

This ‘anti-Trump’ awakening is two years too late, maybe in 2020 the Democrats will put forward a candidate for all of the US so that ‘the Donald’ won’t think of running again.

@MaryW, please don’t take this the wrong way but I can assure you that here in Europe we take an interest in what’s happening everywhere in the world especially the US.

(Mary Wolcott) #5

The races, unfortunately in my opinion, were rather more close than should be for a country with an ‘anti-Trump awakening’. Still so many unawakened people in the US.

There is a black women running for governor of the state of Georgia, Stacie Abrams, whose vote count is neck-and-neck with her Republican opponent. Absentee voter ballots have not yet been counted. Her opponent, the secretary of state for Georgia, is responsible for the voting process and the final count of the votes. Hmmm.

(Peter Goble) #6

Who old courgettes? :thinking:

(David GAY) #7

Who do you think Peter? None other than the Islington allotmenteer.

(Jane Williamson) #8

That would be wonderful, but when there are so many people who dislike his aggressive stance on almost everything that is not white male and yet are willing to vote for him, I am not hopeful.
His total disregard for the truth, not just political opinion but demonstrated reality, should condemn him totally.
I met a retired American couple in an art gallery in Munich who really want to leave the USA as they find him so painful, but do not know where else to live.
When I suggested Canada, they agreed it was a possibility, but too cold.

(Timothy Cole) #9

The Democrats need to focus on a positive future in 2020 rather than simply campaigning against Trump if he stands.

(Peter Goble) #10

Ah, momentumanureman ! :joy:

(Sam Gish) #11

We followed the election very closely, hoping almost against hope that Beto O’Rourke would unseat the egregiously awful Rafael Ted ‘The Zodiac Killer’ Cruz as senator from Texas. However, with the Democrats taking back 30 seats in the House giving them a solid majority and winning 7 governor’s seats - a couple of which were thought to be Republican strongholds made us hopeful that the brakes will be applied to the Tr**Putin klown kar.
This doesn’t mean that we’re re-considering our move to France. We’re here and unless the French throw us out, not going back to the US. We’re done with it. I left in the 1970’s but ended up going back. Now, that’s not an option. The guns, the anti-science, the lack of concern for the common weal, all make it a place that we don’t want to be.
J’espere de mourir en Aix.

(Harriet Wallace) #12

…. actually, it is much worse than being unenlightened, Mary. Trump supporters are enlightened. They know who and what they voted for: a con man, a racist, a misogynist, a narcissist, and he is giving them what they want. He is making racism and fascism acceptable in America and they are free now to unleash their anti-social views. I am an American, and it pains me very much to realize that 30% of Americans are truly America Firsters. The election was successful in that several far-righters were thrown out, but we need young blood in the Democratic party, and while I voted for Bernie in the '16 Democratic primary, which as you know, he lost, he is too old to be the answer to America’s problems and will never be elected but there are younger qualified candidates. 2020 will be an interesting year.