Midi-Pyrenees region put on "scarlet" terror alert

Midi-Pyrenees region put on "scarlet" terror alert, the highest possible level.

If you live in this region and are affected by these atrocious incidents or their aftermath please keep us informed here.

UPDATE -

Suspect arrested this morning in Toulouse


It's been a strange day for me - a bit worrying and very sad - but I feel it's important to try to carry on as normal, otherwise people like this win. Sensible precautions but no hysteria is what I'm aiming for! I've been impressed by the official response - both from the school and local Gendarmes & Police. Let's hope whoever is doing this is caught soon.

Barriers across the road approaching my daughter's school this afternoon stopping any vehicles getting within about 300M of the school, not quite sure what good it is though as there was no police guarding it and as only one side of the road is blocked, in reality there's nothing to stop anyone driving round it, all it's really doing is moving the danger 300M away from the school, but leaving the kids more exposed as they are walking further in the open. mmm......

Have a read of the local paper Beverley, great way to know what’s happening right under your nose :wink:


Here you go Beverley,


Please explain what you’re talking about. I live in L’isle-en-Dodon, Haute Garrone…!

Condolences to the families

Saw a police car patrolling our village this morning and just had a cancellation of a couple who wanted to stay at our b&b this weekend. Their son is a gendarme in our village and all holiday requests (his as well obviously) have been suspended. Might be because the army base in Castelsarrasin is very close to our village, but I read all schools are being protected by police at the moment.

Not sure of the measures here, My son is at college in Montauban, he goes by bus,I am presuming I will have to physically be at the gates to pick him up early.

Expecting a high police presence as there was on Thursday.

He has not said whether he will not be allowed out early on his own as usual.

Just hope they catch him soon.

At our schools the gates are always locked... I'm between Nimes and Montpellier... wonder how far these idiots will travel... just awful

Yes, extra security measures at our school also. We are in a vilage not far from an army base and a lot of military live here so everyone is a little concerned. Reports saying he had video camera around his neck - sick person

No change here in our little town, nor at the schools. thankfully we are far enough away from Toulouse. Just hope they catch this person soon. Can't help thinking back to the awful tragedy in Dunblane in 1996, i think that schools here will now inevitably have to look at their security, just like we did in the UK back then.


Yes was very upsetting collecting the kids from school. You have to get to the gate and away quickly. It was good how quickly the school installed additional security guards and CCT yesterday. Hope they catch him soon.

All a bit unsettling, see my earlier post. OH will still be going on a course in Toulouse tomorrow until the end of the week. Here in the Aveyron there were police road checks already installed when I came home from work last night, no real change at hte kids' very quite village school but we're not that close to Toulouse. All very unsettling in a normally very quiet part of France. Just hope they nail him soon, very soon.

All rather worried here. Kid's are not allowed to leave college on their own, only in groups or with an adult. Primary school gate will be locked.