Migrants in 'cycle of rejection' at France-Spain border, MSF


(James Higginson) #1

(Simon Armstrong) #2

Pretty shoddy treatment of fellow human beings! :angry: Welcome to France, one of the most ‘developed’ economies on the planet! Right ?

If I were a migrant (as opposed to an immigrant :wink: ) I’d use one of the other ‘unmanned’ crossing points like Puigcerda or Vielha and then present myself for asylum / immigration under ‘normal’ procedures.

Make it easy for them to come here and positively contribute to our open, multicultural society. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in their shoes poor buggers.

(Bob Sivell) #3

It would appear that (some) humans have fewer rights than animals in transit…
Welcome to the 21st Century

(Jane Williamson) #4

How can it be that the people who were taken to court in northern France for helping immigrants coming over from Italy were found not guilty because of Fraternite and yet others are subjected to deportation?
Maybe it needs guides to help these people across the Pyrenees.

(stella wood) #5

Jane, the situation you refer to …in brief… a heavily pregnant woman was given a lift… :thinking:

(Ahsan Khan Jadoon) #6

Details please why they haven’t been found guilty :thinking:

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(Simon Armstrong) #8

Ashan Hi - another article here from last Summer relating to the France / Italy border.

French Constitutional Court sides with farmer who helped migrants…

(Jane Williamson) #9

I should not have just put northern france, when it was actually the border of northern italy and france and it was a group of villagers who were helping immigrants across the alps.
My mistake.
It doesn’t alter the fact that if french citizens on one side of france are not guilty, how can it be different on the other side?

(Ahsan Khan Jadoon) #10