Milky Way... starry starry night and other amazing stuff

Interesting new information…


Some stunning photos… how I long for a decent camera…


they’re fabulous, thank you for posting. Puts one quite in awe of the Universe …


Amazing stuff

This springs to mind :joy::joy:


Ha ha… I really do hope there is intelligence somewhere out there… 'cos…:roll_eyes::wink::blush::hushed:

Looking at those amazing pictures I find it hard to imagine that there isn’t intelligent life somewhere out there Stella, the universe is so vast,though I don’t think I am brave enough to want to meet any specimen from there just yet (especially on my own driving home after midnight !)


Years ago… a friend’s husband went to work in USA… his deep-space project was just like something out of Star Trek… “Life, but not as we know it” … all very hush, hush… I have wondered, from time to time, just what (if anything) they discovered. :thinking:

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I must admit in the past thinking that people were slightly "away with the fairies"who believed in lttle green men.However when I worked for an airline I met two pilots who admitted to seeing strange “craft” approaching their planes which were definately not from this planet(in their opinion)

Since then I have on two occasions seen things in the sky that were very strange,the second time my son and his friends saw the same thing independently and actually drove a km up the road so they could try to keep it in view(Whatever it was it was very bright coloured and zig zagged and then accelerated across the sky at an amazing speed)
So although a lot of you will probably think I have been overdosing on CBS reality(and maybe I have)and it could be explained away by a laser beam , satellite or even top secret US Military experiments(maybe),I prefer to keep an open mind on the matter!
Google" Rendlesham Forest"and listen to some of the witness accounts(including the station commander) from the happenings at the military US base at Christmas 1980. Food for thought


Rendlesham forest in Norfolk UK

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We both saw something very strange one night too. Almost stationary craft in the sky with strange lights. It too sped away at amazing speed. We were on our way to a pub…not vice versa :alien:

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Late 80’s early 90’s… I was driving down the A12 around 7.30am on my way to work. I saw something… strange lights in the sky above the carriage way… some miles ahead… Got stuck in traffic, so could watch/observe and try to figure out how high up etc etc…

Finally, the traffic got moving, slowly, so I was able to drive safely and still watch… suddenly it was gone… nothing… just not there…

I felt slightly silly when I told a colleague what I had seen… and felt better when the local radio station mentioned the numerous calls it had received that morning… many of us saw something… but what ???

Never found out …

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Our night sky…


How amazing Fleur,I know perhaps its a silly question but can that panorama ever be seen with the naked eye,if so I’ve never managed to see the like ?

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Not quite as clearly but I could definitely appreciate the Milky Way overhead the other night despite the street-lights.

I often wonder what it would be like to live ona planet orbitinga star on the Galactic core - presumably the whole sky would be filled with stars at night, more densely than we see that one small section.

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I go for a walk with my Collies at night and I am in awe of the stars…puzzled by the inconsistency of the moon…(and the sun…and the clouds) I have witnessed shooting stars and twice what I would probably say were “UFO”…bright lights and seemingly not possible angular trajectories…

Today I’m aware of project blue beam…aware of CGI…aware of the missing trillions of dollars from Washington DC when the homeless and starving are begging on the streets for a few cents or in uk a few pennies to feed themselves …and millions are starving in Yemen…I think it’s quite possible that an “alien invasion” could be staged…

I’m not convinced either way but I’m fascinated by possibilities…

I used to have so many books that explored so many possibilities…all lost now…and maybe for the best…

I love max Igan and the crowhouse…for many reasons I love his perspective and his pure heart…

Recently I watched 3 videos from bright insights…about Atlantis…fascinating…x :slight_smile:

Edited to add the first part of 3…anyone who has never wondered about Atlantis will maybe not be interested…

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It’s a very good question!

On a very clear dark night with no moisture in the air and no moon, especially if you let your eyes adjust for 30+ minutes, you can see stars, in particular the band of the milky way, quite clearly (especially in summer when the brightest part is highest in the sky) and you can easily see the planets and identify major constellations such as Orion and the Great Bear. But you will never see the night sky in this much detail.

Our central vision is 20/20 but our peripheral vision is nowhere near that, so we actually move our eyes around to paint a picture and that is what we perceive. A camera can simply capture the whole scene.

Our eyes don’t see additional detail after staring at something for more than about 10-15 seconds. In moonlight or starlight we begin to see in monochrome and our central vision begins to depict less detail than just off-centre. It is counter-intuitive, but if you stare just to the side of a dim star you will often be able to see it more clearly.

In order to bring out faint objects in low light the camera is set to take long exposures - something the human eye unfortunately cannot do!


Thanks for explaining that Fleur

When we saw the Northern Lights at Christmas they were spectacular but not as you see in pictures

I love watching shooting stars… sometimes they are like flaming arrows arching across the skies… and sometimes just specks of light, now you see them, now you don’t…