Mime through time!

Tracy (or anyone), any chance of a playlist of the titles ? I know the oldies but the more recent ones i'm completely lost and there are some great sounding songs - sorry to be a boring old git !

No, but I would recommend it if inviting my mother in law....

As Nick points out, it is not usually mandatory. However, for you I made an exception, you have been frequently aggressive since you arrived and as a regular contributor your unpleasant faceless comments leave a sour taste. I asked you to upload a photo as a last ditch attempt to encourage your integration in to the community, I see now that I have been wasting my time. I will be deleting your account forthwith.


Community Manager

It's called share Dave. Most of it is complete bollocks but we share the silly and the serious it just makes it feel more human to be talking to a face rather than an avatar. You may not remember "The Whole Earth Catalog" but lot's of us do. It's just we can't afford the subscriptions to "The Well."

Dave, it’s stated nowhere. It’s an option and a suggestion. It’s an option to let other members see one as a real person. If we go to the dinner table analogy, you wouldn’t turn up to a meal with a Lidl bag on your head would you?

Others have asked this where does it state one needs a profile photo?

Brilliant! I even recognised the modern songs surprisingly (probably due to having a 10 yr old daughter)

Hi Dave, did you get my message about your profile photo? In case you missed it, I asked that you upload one. Please do it by the end of the week or your membership will be revoked.



Point of this post is?