Miracle needed in Brexit talks - Juncker

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The miracle needed is that the Little and Large of the EU - Juncker and his overpaid cohort, Bernier- will come to their senses and start NEGOTIATING or everyone looses.


Neil, we need the UK to agree on the treatment of both EU and UK citizens first.
The EU are in favour of the status quo, which is good for all of us.
We need a guarantee of the status quo for holders of S1.
Theresa May is holding things up because she is scared stiff of the talks on the Irish border breaking down and losing the support of the DUP.
Personally, I feel that it is the EU which is looking out for all of us and that should be applauded.


Neil, how much are they paid? What would be an reasonable amount?

Both sides need to agree on the treatment of their citizens i.e negotiate. Who knows what the EU want except that the UK is worse off by leaving. I don’t see that the government is holding up the negotiations as there aren’t any taking place that are visible - hopefully it is all hapening behind closed doors. When the UK has left it will be able to impose whatever they see fit on their side of the border without the EU’s agreement it it get that far but it would be preferable for them to come up with a few ideas at least as it their problem as well. What happens with the border with Norway is maybe a guide to the arrangement in Ireland which is evolving due to the advance of technology. Peter - no idea but it won’t be the basic wage.