Miramont de Guyenne

Does anyone living in Miramont de Guyenne fancy meeting up and going for a cuppa, I cannot drive so it has to be here.

Hi Margaret, well I’m about half an hour away but definitely would love to meet if you wanted to fix something up.

Which day next week would suit you?

How about this Monday 24th Margaret? Morning suits me best. The rest of the week is fairly chaotic for me and it would be good to meet you sooner rather than later. So if Monday morning suits, where shall I meet you ? I know there are plenty of cafes in the square … shall we meet outside the Mairie/Hotel de Ville in the main square and take it from there?

Monday morning is market day so it will be very busy but be happy to meet you at th Marie’s say about 10.30 there is a green bench outside the mairei’s meet you there.

Is Monday morning still ok for you.

yes it’s good, plus a couple of friends who own a holiday home here might also be there. It will be good to meet you.

That’s good look forward to meeting you on Monday.