Mirroring with iPhone and Orange Livebox

I have been trying to mirror my iPhone to my Samsung Smart TV with no joy. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this with the Livebox wifi connected to both. I have been through Google etc etc and following videos on Youtube but no joy. Help please.

Isn’t it the case that iPhone’s and iPad’s are strange beasts and that they will only work casting a signal to a smart TV via the Apple TV device?
Does the Samsung TV work via WiFi from the LiveBox? (ie have you set the Samsung to connect to the LiveBox and the iPhone likewise).

Without knowing which model of iPhone and which model Samsung TV, it’s a bit difficult to propose something. But maybe the following link could offer some hints:

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Or a Chromecast, or as Graham says an Apple TV, which I use. They are pricy though and probably overkill unless you’ve a lot of Apple stuff.

I have looked at the Samsung website and apparently my model of TV does not need the Apple TV device.
Yes, the Samsung TV works via WiFi from the live box and both LiveBox and iPhone and tablet are on the same WiFi.

Many thanks Krister, I will have a look at that site.

Hi Patrick,
It should be easy, once you know what to do :wink:
Assuming it’s a recent TV (<4 years old), it will have an app called ‘Airplay’ that will speak directly with your iphone.

I’ve found this video guide which explains the steps. I hope it helps.

Thanks Brian
I have already watched that video . I think my TV must be just over 4 years old as the settings on mine are not the same as in the video. Am looking at an app from airbeam.tv

Good luck!

@Patrick_Isherwood1 have you tried updating your Smart TV software?

You skipped to solution #2, you missed switch it off then on again!

Yup, done that.

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In my experience with the same tv, the issue is that you need to turn off your Bluetooth. Then make sure the phone is in wifi, as well as the tv connected to the same wifi. You should then be able to mirror or airplay to the tv. Turn off your Bluetooth on the phone. See if that works.

Thanks Jennifer, that worked but I have no sound on the TV, only on my iPhone, and there is quite a delay getting the picture. I think my TV is too old !