Mirrors on blind corners

Access to our property means we have to cross a tricky bend. We could open up another entrance but the easiest and cheapest option would be to fit a mirror so we can see oncoming traffic.

Have any readers any experience of fitting one and what are the legal/planning aspects that would have to be considered?

I think I would just sling one up and say nothing.

Hi John,

We have 2 entrances to our place-one is into the courtyard where our Hymer lives, but is awkward to get to the main entrance at the rear & is safe. The main entrance is just below a bend & my practice is to sound my horn & listen before driving out. However, someone driving too fast had to brake sharply to avoid a collision so it is quite dangerous. The road is very quiet but it only takes one....

However, we were invited for nibbles with a couple of French neighbours & they suggested I talk to our maire. They said it was his responsibility, had mirrors & would put one up on a post at the edge of the vines opposite.

He is only there 2-7pm on Tuesdays, so I wrote a letter with a couple of photos & took it down-unfortunately maybe due to the hols there was no-one there so I don't yet have an outcome.

I'll post an update.