Mise à jour carte vitale V3

I’ve had an email today, purportedly from l’Assurance Maladie / ameli.fr, telling me that my new Carte Vitale (Mise à jour carte vitale V3) is ready to be delivered. It asks for my credit card details to pay for the 1.9 euros postal charge.

I see in another thread from 2017 that the same scam was prevalent then.

This one, 2022, sounds fishy to me. Another attempt at scamming?


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SCAM !!! The mises à jour are done at a pharmacie, you don’t need a new carte vitale and you certainly won’t be paying postage for one if and when it does need replacing, or giving credit card details :wink:


This and others like it … are classic scams… not asking for large sums (which might panic folk) and just making it all sound “so reasonable”… Huh… bin it !!!

As said above… Pharmacies have many uses and “mise à jour” is one of them…

Seems this particular scam dates back to 2019 (and maybe even earlier) it pops up each year… to try its luck, yet again… aaaargh.
Carte Vitale V3 does NOT exist…


The website link was

nicely in english? Wonder if the phishing attack is also leveraging a targets potential unfamiliarity with process / language? But then how would they know you’re an english speaker - maybe got your details from a forum? :slight_smile:

I am alerted - many thanks!

I wouldn’t even click on any of those links, especially if you are using Windows. A virus can be injected by code on the webpage AND/ OR even in a MS Office document. The folk producing viruses are damned clever when it comes to circumventing security. Well, given that some of them are rogue government sponsored, they would be, wouldn’t they?

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The same goes for the phishing techniques based on a delivery that is supposedly waiting payment of a small charge before being sent on.

I had two or three deliveries pending. I almost fell for one which had a very close approximation of the UPS logo. They only wanted +/- 3€ but I guess once they have your account/card details they go for a clean-out.

The scam that promises a payout for a claim against Paraquat is very persistent. Keeps cropping up in my spam folder…


I’ve just fallen for this. What should I do now?

Depends what you did, I suppose.

what did you do???

If you’ve made any kind of online payment contact your bank/credit card fraud line by phone and explain the situation. They may ask you to forward them the original email.

All sorted now. On my way back from my bank having cancelled my card. I still can’t believe I was taken in so easily - happily offered up all my bank details - everything I know so well one should never ever do! Just my good fortune that I happened across this thread almost immediately afterwards. Thank you!


Phew… well done… glad it’s sorted… now relax… zzzzzzzzz