Missing - my love of cooking

I have a problem, every time I'm pregnant I lose my love of cooking & my interest in food generally. So far it has come back a couple of weeks after each baby was born - much to the relief of my husband.

The first pregnancy I had cooking lessons off a chef as my birthday gift, he came to the house & demonstrated how to fillet different types of fish, chop up various game birds & make terrines & fonds. It was great except that I couldn't actually be in the kitchen at the time he showed how to cook the ingredients...my nose was too sensitive and it made me feel ill so my hubby benefited from that part of the course.

For my second pregnancy I couldn't cope with the smell of the fridge - either Garlic, Roquefort or overly ripe cheese I can't be sure which one it was but the combination made me feel nauseous.

This time round I don't seem to have any particular issues with smell but I just can't be bothered. I always used to enjoy menu planning the week ahead (also great for budgeting & avoiding waste). Being in the UK isn't helping much either as I'm being lazy & buying M&S 2 for £10 meal deals & ready prepared veg. I do prepare fresh food for the girls, today's lunch fillet steak, sweetcorn, peas & jacket potatoe but I didn't fancy it myself. Instead I had leftover mushroom risotto I'd made previously but I have to say I didn't enjoy it.

It's like I've lost my mojo, cooking to me was a passion, something I enjoyed every day, planning, preparing, chopping, washing, cooking & serving. My cookbooks have been unopened since May (except for Izzy pulling them off the shelf for fun..or perhaps dropping hints that she'd like a nice roquefort sauce with her steak as opposed to it being plain pan fried?!)

I have 2 more months left to go of this pregnancy and I am really hoping my mojo comes back as I'm so bored of food. Its like I've regressed back to my single days where food was something I had to eat to survive rather than to live for. It's affecting my happiness, food makes me happy, cooking makes me happy & seeing my family/friends eat the food I've made makes me happy.

At the weekend my Dad came over for my birthday, I cooked up an M&S special, he came into the kitchen and said 'that's not like you, normally you make everything yourself', I was a bit snappy & replied 'I know but I'm 8m pregnant & it's my birthday'. The reality is not that I can't cook but that I didn't want to cook. He was right, it's not like me, I've lost my love of cooking...I want it back please.

Thanks Anne Marie. We've all had a bug this week so that's probably making it even worse. You're right though I'm sure it will come back, I'll be baking again in February :)

Ahhhh it will come back, it did before :-) Maybe its cos you are a little tired also :-) First pregnancies are easier cos you only have to look after yourself and the baby inside :-) All will be well, by the way I love m&s £10 dinners when I go over to England :-)