Missing Pubs


One thing I really miss is the atmosphere and convivality found in most British Pubs.

But, whilst touring on our bike this summer we visited Mauprevoir (for family reasons) & decided to book a room in the local hotel.

I was really surprised by the English accent when I rang to book.

We had a great stay - & even a much missed curry as it was "curry night"- and they also let us park the bike in the garage.

The bar was full of locals & most were english speaking.

Shame that I live so far away as it would become my "local".

If any of you live in this area I would suggest a visit.


Can any one recommend something similar in the Loiret ?

That would make an interesting blog pots on SFN Peter, may even help you find an interested party.

I am sitting on the perfect commercial space for a Pub or Cafe in Jarnac. Just don't want to do it on my own. BUT would look at any reasonable offer to partner up for the right concept. If anyone is interested, let me know.


too right, travelling with strangers, unless organised by a club with "rules", is generally a bad idea.

Germany that brings back some memories coming back from Hockenhiem 4 of us on the Autobahn still not sure who did what but one guy took off after a Merc so not to get separated we all followed as we went past our turn off for Venlo i was hitting twice the uk legal M/way speed thinking i'm not going to make this turning we ended up in Duisburg the town looked as though the RAF had just left after one of their nightly visits in 1943 a hurried consultation a decision was made to carry on even though it was late on the grounds that the bikes probably wouldnt be where we had left them the next morning, a very silly half hour had cost us dearly, oh the guy never caught the Merc, he gave up at 160 so he said i resolved then that as this was one of the few times i had travelled with people i didnt really know never again

done Germany once, and was well recieved, but there was 27 of us, and most were doctors, civil engineers, lawyers, and so on

Never once have i had a problem touring France whether on my own or with my wife so often i have struggled to leave they have been so friendly especially at the small places far from the beaten track, in the 90s wife and myself were in Annecy being entertained by a French rugby team who thought we were super heroes to have travelled so far on the bike

I was nervous about going into places,helmet under arm, and leather-clad, but the hospitality here is something else. We once asked for a table for two in a packed resto, and the lady sat us at a table with 4 covers, because she explained, we could use the extra two chairs for our helmets and bags.

In a busy place with high turnover, that is a real no-no, normally, but she was just so nice to us. i guess she knew we'd end up putting everything on the lfoor, and end up having people tripping, or having to step over us, but that, to me, was true hospitality.

That, and many places take in your helmet at reception while you eat, so as not to take up space. I was once told in Ireland to leave mine outside, and told "surely you can lock it onto your bike.

Friend and myself called into a pub/ restaurant just outside Stafford some time back after a long ride looking forward to a nice lunch as we perused the menu we were asked to leave the seats and if we wanted to eat would we sit on the benches outside as people had to sit on the chairs we were using we promptly left but as we were leaving friend said rather loudly pity your sense of hygiene regarding the seats doesnt extend to your glasses we noticed quite a number pick up theirs and look, some time later a large group from work organised an evening meal at the same venue as i sat down the same guy came up to the table if he did recognise me i dont know but i made sure he knew who i was before i left his face was a picture when he realised most of us were motorcyclist

It seems unless there is an organised event, or the ride is in aid of a charity, these days, bikers are less and less welcome down in the southwest. Then again, the southwest, you're dealing with thugs from Limerick city, and certain parts of cork, and Kerry that have bad names.

In saying that, the pubs, I don't miss. apart from in winter, when a fireplace, bit of trad, and "the pint" would be welcome. Still, it's been replaced with genepi, and aprés ski boots.

Heading over on the 5th, and I will relish my pint, the trad, and the fireplace.... for my OH, it's more of a tourist attraction, that we "just have to do". lol.

Can't say I miss the English Pub much. Most seem to be run by miserable gits with a grudge against society and frequented by locals who wouldn't give a stranger the time of day. I remember a pub local to us where a retired couple turned up on an immaculately restored vintage bike and sidecar. The landlord refused to serve them as he had a policy of not serving "bikers".

Does anybody know some nice addresses in the Haute-Loire?

What really did annoy me was the fact that i could walk into the same pub restuarant with a suit or casual dress and be welcomed turn up in leathers and banned

I do miss British pubs, but would I frequent a British pub in France? i'm not so sure I would

True, john, back in Ireland, motorcyclists are treated as thugs. As both a motorcyclist, and a hotel manager, I see the difference here. We do welcome bikes in the car park, re-open the kitchen for them, and let them have full run of the hotel while they are here. We recently had a group of 14 Americans, who were so delighted with the place they're thinking of making a yearly thing out of it.

Lyon has just gained a new English pub, the King Arthur (http://kingarthur.fr/) . Haven't tried it yet as we live too far away but if it has proper Bombardier on draught then it's worth a try.

Well i must admit i dont miss the pub as a motorcyclist of some 50 years i dont miss the english hospitality at all sorry to sound so negative but has anyone toured or tried to tour the uk on a bike 99% of pubs hotels restaurants do not serve motorcyclists when we as a group The Potteries and District Advance Motorcyclists toured Scotland it was quite amusing because we would book 4 double rooms and then say oh by the way we will be arriving by motorcycle is there parking suddenly they would be double booked bearing in mind we were in our40/ 50s and 3 were serving policemen, those 3 policemen were ordered out of a pub in the leicester area for being motorcyclists and in leather i will leave you to imagine the repercussions of that pubs actions

If i was called out on a breakdown late evening it was always the same factory in Haywood Manchester coming back driving through the town was a nightmare drunken yobs falling about in the road, sitting at traffic lights willing them to change to green before someone tried to get into the van or smash the lights again, maybe a quiet country pub but are there any left when i left the uk 2 years ago there was a report that 9 pubs a day were closing i could well imagine it true, travelling the north of england i often saw pubs open one week boarded up the next

France on the other hand welcomes the motorcyclist with open arms i have even parked the bike overnight in a restaurant in Sederon it was the focul point all night the owner seemed quite dissapointed when we left in the morning, late one night in Saumur rolling up to a restuarant the chef had just finished or so he thought for the evening he opened up again for us, others passing by came in and by the time we left he was doing more trade than he had done all evening he actually thanked us, miss the pub not at all

In Burgundy we have a Bar/Restaurant/B&B called Le Chardon, in the delightful little village called Chardonnay. Owned by two of the most pleasant Brits, Rebecca and Nick Harmen; you are sure of a warm welcome there. But the real English pub just doesn't seem to be the same here in France.

Having worked the "Irish pub scene" in Australia, New Zealand, and a bit in benelux countries, I was so disappointed by what they call an Irish pub", or "britpub".... I gave up on them. There is a "British pub" in Annecy, but the food is cack, the service is appalling, and it was quite pricey. A tourist trap. I no longer go to them, I prefer my "bar des arcades", and the good old "le central", French style pups, but where people actually do sit at the bar, and chat.

I did miss pubs in Paris though, because going out is so different up there, and it STILL shocks me when we go in a bar, and I walk up to the counter, and throw my leg over a stool,only to find OH is browsing the tables for seating.

There are some British Pubs in Bordeaux, tied to Charles Wells brewers. For curry lovers, there is a bar in Eymet that holds curry nights, and an Indian restaurant in Villneuve sur Lot run by Bangladeshi's. Alas too far for many, but worth knowing about if you are in the areas.