MLP would win today

Le Sondage choc …….


So, if the second round of the presidential election was held today….MLP would win.

What conclusions can we draw from that ?

It’s a survey of 1808 people out of 65 million, when Macron is probably at his most unpopular, go figure.


That there’s no election today so no conclusions can be drawn.


Someone’s trying to get clicks, sell a newspaper, bring traffic to their website?


Has he ever been popular?

He was voted in this time around because he was up against MLP. Nothing more, nothing less.

I guess the poll is suggesting that it would not happen today.

We can knock 30 % off 65 million BTW.

If the election had been due to happen now, Macron would not have pushed through the reforme des retraites a fortnight before would he. Why do you think he forced it though now? Obviously to give people time to get over it and move on to other things.
Which it seems like they are doing.
Timing is important. He will have a few popular reforms up his sleeve that he will pull out nearer the election.
I do not think this sondage is a great choc to anybody because the swing against the govt was as predictable as the demonstrations and the damage.
It is like being a parent. When you have to do or say something that you know your little un will not like, you do it straight after breakfast so that little un can scream and stamp and tell you she hates you, so you give her a few hours to get it out of her system then you give her her favourite lunch and take her to the park in the afternoon, and by night time it is all forgiven and forgotten and she loves daddy again.


Man talks about doing something good in abstract but unpopular in practice before getting elected.

Man gets elected (twice) and enacts the expected highly unpopular reform when he knows he will not have to fight a 3rd election.

The predicted riots etc happen in traditional French manner, things settle down with the new normal and life goes on.

He was the man France needed to combat MLP, and has managed to do so effectively through difficult times. If there wasn’t an MLP equivalent then France might not have needed a Macron.

All IMO of course.



IMHO of course.

He has not combatted her at all.

There lies your problem.

These strikes /protests/violence will carry on until he his gone.

But who will he be replaced with ?


He kept her out of power. That was basically all that was needed.

I do not think so. By last weekend the support and the news coverage was already dying away. This is not going to be another 68. By the time people come back from their summer holidays, this will all be history.


He was more popular than the other candidates at the time of the election.


I think most in France would argue that it was the French that kept MLP out of power. The same with her dad against Chriac. It is their civic duty.

The poll suggests that would not happen today. People would vote MLP to keep Macron out of power.

It terms of strikes, they will probably stop over the summer but will resume at the rentre.

Macron is in bejing today probably telling Xi how to run his country. Xi should tell Macron how to run his country…especially when China owns an awful lot of it.

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But they had to vote for him to do it :wink: I know quite a few people who like him and agree about his reforms, even if you don’t like him.

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LePen would win tomorrow not because of Macrons government but because she and her party are saying the things that people want to hear. People feel attacked from all sides and Front National are tapping into those fears and threats and promising the earth.
Macron doesn’t give the impression of caring a jot for working people, whether he does or doesn’t people know his tenure is over.

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His tenure would be over anyway as he has served two terms anyway regardless.


A bit like Trump and Boris then.

The three are the same. It is all about me, me and me. They come first.

The difference in France (which is why I like France) is the French won’t let their politicians get away with it.

The British should do the same. Bring the country to a halt.

If the choice is between MLP and any other non-fascist I imagine the non-fascist would win.
Izzy x


That is what I said .

´had been between MLP…….´

The poll now suggests otherwise.

I do remember Macron after winning his second term saying he wants to unite France. Watching BFM at the mo…I would say he has managed to do that. Lol.

I rather suspect the French public are like those of most nations when it comes to polls and politicians, flip-flopping towards who ever tickles their ears and potentially their bank accounts. Present perception is of Macron as ‘Monsieur Nasty’, but that could change again.


But this is not a real poll. It is an opinion poll. When it is time for a real poll, there will be campaigns, there will be politicking, there will be debate.
That was the point I tried to make earlier. This reform was pushed through now, precisely because it was bound to create a swing. But for pity’s sake the next présidentielles are not until 2027. Anything can happen between now and then and probably will. We do not even know who the candiates are likely to be yet. Apart from the inevitable Ms Le Pen.