Mobile Home Insurance Anyone

Can anybody recommend an insurance broker/company who would cover a new Trigano mobile home sited on a residential site?

@fabien is the man who can

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Thanks Mat, have sent pm to @fabien

This is his website:

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Thanks Matt. I have had a couple of quotes so far, just waiting on a third before making a decision

Do make a detailed comparison between what is offered in the quotes you get… price is not everything :wink:
We have found that @fabien will take the time to run through the options with detailed explanations before making a choice to ensure that you know what you are getting for your money.

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Hi Graham, thanks for mentioning me but in his particular case we can’t help him as we don’t do mobile home unfortunately but I’m happy to confirm he did contact me so thanks to you all :wink:

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That said though, I’m sure you would be willing to express an opinion on any choice @BuzzP may be considering if you were to be asked…

Yes that would be useful. Tbh the cover offered seems pretty extensive

Hello, sorry to jump in on this but can you please let me know who you got quotes from and used as I can only find one insurer?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply but we have been travelling. We had a good quote from Intasure in the UK, however we went with a local company Mutuelle de Poitiers.

Hope this helps



Thanks Bryan, I will probably go with Intasure as it seems the easiest option!



I would call them, as when I applied online they wouldnt quote. Decided to call and bingo no issues. Good luck

Thank you, is that for the Poitier one pls?

No Intasure

Thank you, I will call them. They did quote me online but might be better to call :blush: