Mobile home insurance

I’m sure this topic has come up 1000 times, but as a UK based mobile home owner in France, who have you guys found good to insure with. Was based with a Local French AXA dealer but they just never returned emails or calls and failed to cancel the policy when I asked and am presently with Towergate in UK but they keep putting their price up and it now costs far more than my house!

Have a chat with @fabien he can advise I’m sure

Good morning John, I’d be happy to help but to get a clear picture of the context can you please clarify a bit? You have a mobile home in France (in a camping I assume?) and that mobile home is registered in the UK?

As for you, you’re still a British tax citizen or do you pay them in France as well?

Happy to talk in private if you prefer (just for information being on holidays until the 16th I might be a bit slow to respond :wink: ).


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Mobile homes are static caravans that are not used on the roads. No UK caravans are registered, they do not have their own registration documents. Touring caravans carry the registration number of the towing vehicle.

Well from what you are describing that’s a ‘regular’ situation so no problem to have that insured and we should have a pretty wide range of available companies we can compare.

Do you want us to arrange a call so I can get the informations I need to make that analysis? (from the 16th of August not before as I’ll be back only next week)?


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