Mobile home needed for renovation life!

Hi all,
New to the forum, but been reading the posts and it seems to be an amazing community, so ‘hi!’

We are currently in the throes of sorting out our escape to France, and have just signed for a house that needs renovation before we can move in. We have a lead on rental accommodation so we can be full time resident before the dec cut off, but wondered if anyone is just finishing a project and has a mobile home they need to shift, or large caravan they no longer need, that we might buy so we can live on site and feel ‘at home’ quicker. I did notice a great link on here for a company that sells and then buys back, but they seem to be sold out! Any leads gratefully accepted, and thank you in advance! Tes x

Hi Phillippa and welcome to the forum…

Brilliant idea to be comfortable, while you get on with the renovation.

Just one thought… you might need to have authorization from your Mairie in order to site a caravan/mobile home for living … on the plot… many areas do have restrictions.

However… the good news is… provided you intend to use it during the renovations… and the renovations are submitted and receive authorisation… more often than not… a specific permission will be given, on the agreed understanding that said mobile home/caravan is removed once the work is done.

I am talking about projects in which I have been (slightly) involved over the years … so I now it can work out just fine.

best of luck

On the other hand…

We sold the house and put most things into storage in UK … and camped here, in one room while we slowly got things sorted… inflated mattress/sleeping bags 2 ring burner for cooking and small fridge.

Neighbours were astounded that we enured -15c temps that first winter… with only one small electric fire to keep us warm… and a kettle for hot water…

6 months later we took delivery of our furniture etc etc… we decided it was cheaper to store it onsite… and it made us get a move on with the renovation/rebuild/whatever

It can be done… might be worth thinking about… but you know your own situation and limits.


Hi Stella, thanks for the warm welcome! And I think it was you who provided the excellent link to caravans before? Yes, we know we probably need permission from the Mairie, and are booking an appt with him asap to discuss our hopes for the house and our hopes to be part of the community. Meeting architects and builders today to get a clearer idea of what is possible first so as to not waste his time with fanciful dreams! ha! We know getting him onside early will be the difference between a good experience and and a bad one. We had a property over here years ago and our relationship with the Mairie was really good, but then we had to sell due to various crises…feel like coming home to be finally back and planning for the future again! Fingers crossed!..