Mobile networks

As a newbie to life in France, we are finding our English SIM cards are costing us a small fortune!! We are looking into changing networks ASAP!

Both my parner and I are running iPhones and would like some advice on which network provider would be a good pay as you go ( pre pay) package for our phones, we are living in the Brenne Region and our roaming has found Orange has good coverage!

Any advice much appreciated

Suzy J


Your choice all depends on where you are calling to, and, who is calling you.

1. Are you going too have a French landline that will divert to your phone?

2. Do you want to keep an English landline with English mobile fro family and friends?

French landline and calling a French mobile.

If you are going to have a French landline that you divert to your mobile, then you should organise a calling package that includes and mobiles and they you will find any pay as you go simm will work for you. But BEWARE! orange generally promotes a pay as you go ximm that if you don't top up you lose any credit you have on it and you have to start all over again every month. But a 25€ credit and only use 5€, your month has just cost you 25€

Keeping an English phone number and diverting to an English mobile.

You can have a Vonage phone with a UK landline number connected to French broadband. All calls to and from England are either free within the calling plan or at a very low cost. £12 per month is free to all UK 01 and 02 number plus 250 minutes to UK mobiles any network.

Vonage charge to call UK mobiles roaming in France and you will pay for incoming calls.

Vonage charge international rates for calling French mobiles.

I have ended up with a French landline with French mobile and, UK Vonage landline with a Vodafone pay as you go because when roaming, Vodafone only charges 5p per minute to receive calls.

When I go out and divert calls, I divert accordingly.

If you want more info, invite me as friend and we can talk.