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Morning supposed to get Orange wifi yesterday did not turn up also new SIM in mobile locked ? Y mobile did die ? Having trouble getting hold of someone any advise

Are you able to phone your provider’s helpline, perhaps from a UK mobile? If you’re with Orange they have an English-speaking helpline on 0969 36 39 00 (+33 969 36 39 00 if calling from a UK mobile). I’ve found them to be helpful - and accurate with appointments etc.

The default unlock code for new SIMs vary but it’s worth trying the most common - 0000 or 1111 or 1234

Have you entered the PUK (pin unlock code) that came with your SIM card

Thanks again all for the input mobile now working next mission internet gotten from orange supplied by SFR didn’t turn up yesterday :grinning:

Phone the helpline! They are there to… help!

Hi am in the manche area anyone advide on an Internet company were waiting on SFR to install now going into week 4 .
Also didnt realise you have to provide the cover for wire and make the hole engineer came we weren’t ready (as above) also had to remove tree branches ( all done now). were not mind readers so engineer went after 3 calls to office supposed to rearrange today shock no call . Are there any other providers that may want our €€ any suggestions thanks

If you are eligible think of Bouygues 4G offer

Given that your supplier has already attended, it is possible that you have entered into a contract with them.

Closing or rescinding a contract in France is more complicated than in the UK - unless the contract is terminated correctly your putative supplier will probably take monthly payments as per the terms you agreed.

I suggest you make sure the contract is properly cancelled before commissioning another service provider.

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Haven’t signed mandate yet i do get asked to by SFR