Mobile phone roaming - no longer in UK?

I was just out in the car and heard an advert on RFM which I think stated that mobile phone roaming now excluded UK. I didn’t catch the name of the mobile phone company.

I have checked with my provider Reglo Mobile and UK is still included.

Has anyone else heard this advert?

Mobile phone companies in UK are withdrawing roaming whilst in Europe post Brexit so it would seem logical that it would happen to French mobile phone companies also.

Depends what you mean by excluded.

Your phone should still work - but you might face quite a bill for using it.

FWIW Three sent me a nice message saying calls were included per bundle but data was capped at 12GB - after that £££

I’m currently in the UK and wondered this, so I checked earlier today. I’m with RED and pay €8 per month for calls within France to landline and mobile + 20G per month of data. I didn’t realise I had EU roaming, but checking online I found that whilst in the UK I can call UK or European landlines and mobiles free of charge. I also checked my account as I’d used it in the UK quite extensively to call UK numbers and the OH back home. No charge, so I’m a happy bunny :rabbit:

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What the France mobile companies seem to have done quite aggressively is to remove your ability to dial numbers in UK & other Europe countries from the promotional and any forfait level below at least 25 euros a month. All subtly taken away without announcememt since around 8 months ago.

So you can receive calls from those countries in France and when roaming. When roaming you can dial France and Europe / UK. All within your medium or lowish cost forfait. But what is disappearing without warning or announcement from lowish or medium cost forfaits, ie no longer included and charged separately at very high rates, is the ability to dial UK numbers or Europe numbers from France. Forfaits that networks called promotional that included calls from France to UK and Europe until early 2021 have now been removed from offer by the networks and removed from people (me) that had them.

Look carefully, carefully at the wording of what is included in each forfait price bundle. To get the benefit back now requires 10-20 euros more per month and a poorer bundle for the rest of it eg less data if your network pulls your package and you have to start again.

Yes, @KarenLot , I noticed that for me, calling other countries from France was quite expensive whereas calling them from outside France was free. In saying that, I hadn’t initially checked how much it would cost calling from the UK and thought I would be charged when I’m not.

Glad you made it to the UK though :slight_smile: !

I second that. What a nonsense this testing is. I got a GOV.UK travel update this morning. They put it out to empahasise that even if you only stay in UK ‘2 days’ you still have to have booked a Day 2 test - but you don’t have to take it before you leave. As the day you arrive is Day 0, the deadline for taking Day 2 could be up to 72 hrs after you arrive.

So that is £40-£60 wasted for those people.

Some of the companies on the GOV.UK list of test providers are still asserting that Day 2 AND Day 8 tests are required AND 10 days iso, with a get-out-of-iso test available for Day 5.


The only way to avoid this ripoff - which is an utter scam - is to be in transit ie have onward transport booked that you can prove - within 23hrs59. If you have that and tick the transit box then the form doesn’t need the number.

The original tests when this rubbish from the most infected country in Europe was introduced, just said test required on Day x.

Looks like the ripoff merchants currently in charge in the UK subsequently specifically amended the wording to ensure even those who wouldn’t still be in the UK on Day x, still had to pay the “fine” for visiting the UK.

Disgusting and sleazy and a d*mn cheek. Especially as most people in Europe are far safer from infection in their own countries than in the UK.

Thanks @KarenLot . I had a whole load of paperwork to present to whoever wanted to look at it, but on the UK side, nothing was checked apart from the passport. Bloody useless having it really, but a lot of effort to put together.

I asked this very question of Orange, just 3 days ago, as I was contacted by them for an update on my pro mobile contract. The sales rep assured me that roaming was not about to stop in the UK anytime soon to his knowledge, and that it was still covered by the EU region contracts.

Correct RicePudding.

However you"ll note that on Sosh they’ve removed the ability to dial the UK and Europe from France from all forfaits under 25 euros. And on Orange the minimum that includes dialling the UK and Europe from France has become the 35 euro monthly forfait.

Which is an almighty ripoff given the marginal cost of these calls to the networks, and despite the high capital costs of telecom.

I have always considered Orange to be a mighty rip-off for pretty much every phone contract I’ve ever had with them, so you won’t find any argument from me there :grin::grin:

…which is great RicePudding if you’re in the 75% ? geographic area of the country where Orange is not the only useable signal.

I’ve discovered that due to yet another shift of a competing network’s coverage I am now back in the 25%. It’s been happening on and off every 2-3 years here since around 2007. Grrrrr

I’ve got a dual sim phone with a UK (Three) and a French SIM (Free) card.
In the UK, (they’ve just announced the end of no roaming charges in the E.U. and will start charging up to £2 per day (rip off !)
In France, there is no policy update as yet that I can find.

Back to the old days of phone companies ripping off their customers

Dont blame the phone companies, they are doing what any company tries to do ie. Maximise profit.
They had no choice when the collective EU decided to abolish roaming charges within its group of 28 countries. The status quo continues within the revised group of 27. Just another Brexshit Blunder.