Mobile phone signal booster

Another techie issue with UK Vodafone mobile phone signal.

I have a works Vodafone mobile. Where we are the mobile signals are hopeless. So I need to find a solution to boost the signal.

In the UK I have a Vodafone Sure Signal unit that does the job perfectly. In France though it does not seem to work through my Livebvox - I assume it has something to do with either the IP address or maybe cell tracking.

I understand that Vodafone and SFR are partners; so I did think of getting a femtocell unit from them. But again as I have an Orange live box I am not sure if this would be compatible.

I have noticed that I can 'force' the mobile to look for an Orange signal - so maybe I could get an orange femtocell?

Anyway the long and the short of it is - is there a universal signal booster that I can purchase that will definitely work with my work phone. When I am over here people are getting fed up with missed calls.

I assume I am not unique in this request.

Hi did you get a response to your problem with mobile phone signal, I am having the same issue here in France.

In 5 yrs I sincerely hope so.
Mobile technology has advanced rapidly by many “generations” :wink:
If having problems why not consider changing your network provider.

Thanks Tracey, sorry - overlooked the date !

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