Mobile phones , favourites and too many computers

As some of you know, I have a place in Trebes but live in Africa so will be visiting 2-3 times per year to renovate/relax.

I was looking for a sim card that didn't expire after a certain period as I am sick of buying new phones each time I go to a new country and more importantly would like to have one consistent French mobile number.

I had actually found a provider where your credit (and hence connection/number weren't cancelled after say 3-6 months) but have been through so many computers this year (unreliable electricity supply here) that I have lost the link.

Anyone have any suggestions


Sounds like just what I need - Thank you

As I use my phone sparingly I have gone with

which keeps your credit value throughout the year.

PS I will also eventually need TV (satellite I assume for UK TV) so bundles are of interest