Mobile quick fix

I find myself in a situation where I need a quick, cheap solution to my communication problem.
I recently downloaded Telegram as a free app with which I could speak to friends abroad.
I’ve had very limited success; as it seems to work at the house, but not when out & about…free wifi in town for example.
Am I overlooking something that a techno twat like me, wouldn’t know about, or necessarily notice; or are there certain parameters public wifi has or has not ?

Try this:
In Telegram select the hamburger menu (three lines) then settings > data and storage > scroll down (swipe up) to less data for calls > tap > select always and see if that helps.

Thank you Graham
I’ll try it asap

We (as a family) have just moved from WhatsApp to Signal - seems to work as well if not better, has better privacy, etc, and is owned by a not-for-profit organisation.

For privacy reasons I don’t use FB and if forced to log on for some info or other my alter ego, Roger Lapin, lecturer in international carrot studies, Trinity College Dublin, does the work for me. Despite using WhatApp I dislike and certainly do not trust its parent company, so the idea of Telegram or Signal appeals. Is there a chance that after migrating to Telegram it will be bough by FB or some other advertising company (for that is what FB and Google are, advertising companies). Signal is open source, which I respect so maybe that’s the best option? I’ve downloaded both for a fiddle about.

I hadn’t heard of Signal
Thank you

Once you have done that, do all your previous Wazzapp contacts have to take on Signal as well?

Yes. I was only regularly using WhatsApp with family anyway, so we took a collective decision to use Signal instead - we all (as far as I know) still have WhatsApp, so it remains an option, but I’ll encourage all contacts to use Signal now.

Make sure that Mobile Data is enabled for Telegram and Data Roaming is enabled if it’s a non French SIM.

I’ve used Telegram for a few years now as a WA alternative and I love it. More and more friends and family moving across now too as people are becoming more and more aware of how awful FB and therefore WA / Instagram are with your privacy. i looked at Signal as well when I was trying to find something but at the time it didn’t look as good as Telegram (and I have read in some article ‘if you want to see what WA is going to do next use Telegram’!). There has been a mass exodus due to the most recent privacy nightmares with FB. As a result I believe I read that you can now import your What’s App conversations etc across to Telegram.

I doubt it as the guy who started it is really pro privacy / anti all that apparently.

They would need to install Signal or Telegram, there is not (yet?) the ability to message cross platforms.

ETA I would happily use Signal as I applaud the open source community, however as I’m the only person in my friends / family group it seems who cares about this stuff I’m not going to ask them all to change now after literally this last week or so getting my last sibling onto Telegram after years of trying!!

Well I tried the suggested changes, but it still wouldn’t work.
My friend whose mobile is UK number, phoned me last week at a client’s house, using 4g, as the house has no internet connection…in that instance it worked very well.
Today it wouldn’t connect at all, using the wifi in Mazamet.
I used FB messenger instead, but remain puzzled, as to its failure.
I made it work at home on my wifi…
Any further ideas, other than burning down the mairie, in protest ?

Yes, it seems to be open source as well, which I’m a big fan of. Peer reviewed code won’t have any backdoors.

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