Monarchie ou République? You decide

Monarchie ou République? You decide.

When I went to vote the most depleted pile was the vote blanc party - fat lot of use they are. Peering in the bin tells me Monbazillac is pretty well behind the UMP & FN, which is how it was for the local elections & the presidential elections before that.

A bit like non-executive directorships (get paid a fortune for a day or so's presence a month in an office or possibly just attendance at kneesups) which as everyone knows are a sinecure for mates (or wives/husbands of mates if it is too glaringly an inside job for even the gullible public to accept).

Hold on to your seats, FN is coming out top party in the exit polls. Results begin to appear after 2200.

True, but a very costly symbol of what was once important but since the Great Revolution has not even been really the head of state but more a pampered figure who more or less ceremonially occupies that position without access to any form of power, for which I am usually very relieved.

The UK is a democratic country and the monarch is its head of state, not head of its government.

"Err, err, emm, yes, err, err, bicycles, yes bicycles. Keeps the cars off the road, err, err except when they are going to work when the cyclists err, err, should, err, watch out. Wear helmet, err, I don't, then I am errr inhuman, err immoral, emmm immortal, well err something like err that."

President Bojo not insulting but completely mind boggling people in countries he visits with his oh so articulate speech and cup flowing over with common sense (not). No, I don't think so. In fact, I don't think there is anybody in the UK up to the job!

I quite like the idea of president Boris Johnson. He's certainly got more nouse than most of our royal family.

Chris, worse than the thought of bumsucking even!

Elected president (Bush(s), O'Bama, Hollande, Sarkozy) with all the power that entails or appointed president (Italy etc) where it is purely a ceremonial role for "jobs for the boys".

Former has proved very successful has it not? Latter could have meant we would have had President Kinnock, Blair or Thatcher.

Now there is a thought.

I never had the feeling she had enough between her ears to be sly. As for the 'common touch', she would have needed master classes from Victoria Beckham had they been contemporaries.

LOL ! I didn't even have to walk more than a 100 yards to the mairie, so really, I had no excuse ! The upside was that I got to talk to someone on the village council whom I hadn't seen for a while, so it was pretty convenient really.

...and they say it's a pity Bertram Mill's International Circus no longer exists :-D

perhaps it's because they live in Bumsucking Palace...! :-O

Yes, Véro, Flanby might be as good as useless but at least the majority chose him and we'll be able to get rid of him in a couple of years too!

Well I have the choice between two raging/rabid eco groups, the FN, the socialists, 3 or 4 raving communist groups, Brice Hortefeux UMP (yes, he of "kick out the Roms", fame), Borloo and associates (some new, center right support group) that has wed itself to the unheard of Modem peeps allegedly supported by the now hermit like François Bayrou. I haven't seen a single one of those campaigning in my area, nor do I have a clue about their policies/attitude to Europe. Got a headache already !

No I couldn't stand her either. I always thought her a rather sly sort of Sloane Ranger.

Love it again Veronique! I've heard of Arse licking but Bumsucking takes it to a new, mind boggling, dimension.

Teehee, the Esperanto party was tempting just because...

Come on you lot, all of you with the right to vote I am expecting to see that you have been out to make your choices.

Ugh, you just gave me a nasty vision of people literally 'bumsucking' the Cornwalls. Enough, off to choose a loony and put a cross beside his/her name.

Republic all the way. You may end up with an idiot or a useless person or a creep but at least they have been chosen by the electorate... you get what a majority vote for, so they may not represent you personally but they certainly represent a significant proportion of the electorate. Those who can't be bothered to vote get what they deserve.

I think one of the problems with monarchy is it builds into society a completely unnecessary extra element of servile bumsucking, which everyone could well do without. It is completely anti-meritocratic. There is an extraordinary amount of oohing and aahing & bowing & scraping if someone royal does something perfectly normal that other people without the huge advantages of a fortune and unlimited help manage to do without there being any fuss (eg getting an A level, doing a job, wiping their bottom). I never could understand why everybody was expected to worship the late 'princess of all our hearts' or any of the rest of them. I really think the monarchy is irrelevant window-dressing.