Money management and budgeting apps/sites

(James Higginson) #1

Do you use a money management app or website that you like?

Can you link them to your bank accounts?

Are they any use?

What do you recommend?

(James Higginson) #2

This looks promising

(Patrick Bell) #3

Excel. Its a bit of a faff sometimes but none of the other offerings are flexible enough and/or affordable I have worksheets into which I cut and paste my ongoing statements from Smile and Axa. then I have a column to classify each item by category and another sheet which monitors my monthly outgoings. One does need to know a bit about excel but then its my job (computing that is).

(Simon Newton) #4

For me it's "moneydance" - it seems to handle multiple currencies well. I do everything the hard way and enter all the data myself, mainly so I perform a double check on the ins and outs of our accounts. It covers Bank accounts, credit cards and investments - I haven't used all these facilities but when up and running is a good overview (and I can link it through to my smart devices)

(John Scully) #5

How does it actually link to your bank accounts Cathy? What information do you need to give it?

(Cathy Davis) #6

On my old Windows laptop I used Microsoft Money 2005. It was very user friendly and could link to all my accounts. You can still download it for free on a couple of sites and if you check reviews it still comes out top. Now I use banktivity on my Mac, took a bit of getting used to, but it is a very clever app.