Money saving app for all the main stores (Geant, Carrefour, Leclerc etc.)

Last night I downloaded a new money saving app and I am VERY excited about it.

It's called C-wallet and provides discount coupons. These are deducted from your shopping bill via your loyalty card and the money is then credited directly to your PayPal or bank account. You can link your loyalty card from all the main stores (Geant, Carrefour, Leclerc) and the sign up process was dead simple and took seconds. So, so far so good....

I shall be road-testing my Intermarche card tomorrow and will report back (hopefully) with news of euros saved.

Are you using it already?

It worked!! I bought my pack of fizzy water and today received an email telling me that i had been refunded. Will report back later on the downside (needless to say there is one...) but I can tell you that it works!

Perfect!! Got it. I tried searching for the apk download yesterday but could not find it. I will install and try. My phone is from the UK but the sim, settings and my home wifi are all now French so I have no idea why Google still thinks I am not in France!! And even IF I were not in France, supposing I own a place here and come here several times a year (like many people do) and although I live in the UK I therefore have a right to download and use the app when I travel to France??!?!? bizarre!!

Exactly what I get too Sarah. Even tried turning off location services on my phone and still no joy. Bizarre for you though actually being in France.

Aha!! Karen, that is exactly what is happening to me. If I search for it, it does not come up at all but if I go to the cwallet . fr website there is a link on there to download it and then when I opt for download from Play, I get the 'not available in your country' crap. Try it!

Interestingly, I've just tried to download c-wallet from my HTC from Play Store and doesn't even come up as an app after a search. Strange.

Hmm. I'm stumped then. Anyone else got any suggestions? C'mon we need to save Sarah some dosh!

Hi Catherine. I also thought it might be a samsung thing so I installed an app which allowed me to 'cloak' my identity and pretend to be an HTC and Google fell for it and recognised my device as an HTC but still it seems to be my location which I cannot understand. I am on an NRJ mobile sim and have Internet from at home but no matter how i try it does not like me! :-( Unfortunately the .apk is not downloadable directly, it HAS to come from Google Play. I spend around €150-200 a week at these supermarkets too so my savings could be very welcomed.

Hi Sarah

I downloaded it straight to my HTC (Android) via Google Play with no problems. Can anyone else try a Samsung in case that is the issue?

I note that those of you who have downloaded it have done so from itunes app store. I have no problem apparently from there but the problem is that is for IOS devices and I do not own such a device as I am very anti- Apple I am afraid. I do however have a nice Samsung S4 Android device so I need to download from the Play store. However, Google keeps telling me I am in the wrong country!! I have changed my location on my google dashboard to france, I have tried to fool it with a VPN on my home PC and on my phone but to no avail. I totally agree, I am in France and the app is for France but Google Play tells me not possible no matter where I try to pretend I am in order to download.

Has anyone managed to download it for an Android device yet?

I have loyalty cards for Super U, Intermarche, Bricomarche and E. Leclerc. The Bricomarche card I have used to reduce the price of the spend in the store but have lost the accumulated amount on the Intermarche and E. Leclerc cards in the past. The Super U card now tells me I have 75.00€ saved on it but I was informed that I can only use this with their catalogue. Some advice is required on how I can actually use the saved amounts to reduce the charges at the till as I do at Bricomarche. Do you go to the Accueil and ask for vouchers or what. Please help as I do not want to loss the discount again. As a poor pensioner I do need the money.

Yes, worked for me too using a UK Apple ID. Now all I need are some loyalty cards.

I did it absolutely fine with all the same parameters as you Sarah ( although I think our VPN might not be in France) but I can't see why being French would be an issue as it is a French app designed for French shops!!!- How annoying!

I am trying to download it from Google Play for android. Oh well.

Sarah, it depends on what country your apple ID is associated with not your physical location or IP address.

Sarah, when I tried to download the app to my iPad, I just got a blank screen but it went ok from my iPhone and I'm in Wales at the minute. Sorry can't be of more help.

I can't even download this app!! It is telling me it is not available in my country!!! I have tried from a my french mobile and my home wifi which is with Orange in France!! I even tried to do it through a VPN from France, Germany, UK, and other countries. Is anyone else having this problem?

If other people could try it in their local supermarket and report back, that would be fab...?

Thanks Catherine, so easy I'll give it a whirl!

Aha - with Leclerc you have to scan your proof of purchase - it says you circle the products and then photograph it with your phone. Haven't done it but looks easy enough...