Money transfers from France to UK

Hi all,

am grateful for any advice here:

I transfer about 1200Euro monthly to my son who is studying in the UK. NatWest Bank deducts a whopping 4% before my money hits his account (this month 1200Euro = 1,008 pounds according to OUANDA, but resulted in 964 pounds on his account! this is really hurting.

Is there a way to transfer from a French bank already converted in Brit. pounds - will the French bank's cut be as high as Nat Wests?) - or is there any other way to cut down on the bank burden of charges for sending him money?

Thank you all for reading this and for any advice/tips you may have.


Hi Lynda,

We too have used TorFX, we got a better rate than HIFX which we used before.

Hi Lynda,

not a good idea to use a bank at all, have you seen the bonuses they award?

A 'broker' is much more cost effective, SFN champion their own advertiser in these pages, we use MoneyCorp. But you will get a great rate. All, by phone or online.

Hi Lynda

I suggest you contact Ian Cragg at our currency partners TorFX, he will be able to get you a much better rate, his email

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