Montcaret, Dordogne

Hi. Is any member from the Montcaret Dordogne area. We're in the process of buying there and I would love to talk to someone about the area etc.


Hi Wendy. it looked fab when we were there at the begining of January, but it was closed. It was through googling Harveys that I actually found this site... but thanks for giving me her link as I hadn't found her profile page. cheers x

Hi Christine ask Tracey Robsaw, she and her husband run Harvey's Restaurant in Montcaret, she's a really nice lady and I would be very jealous of you living near such a good restaurant!!

When you say 'just up the road' Lucinda, do you mean you are up on the hill behind it and kind of overlook it - and is your building cream??? I know it's a strange question but when we were driving around we went to find the 'house' which overlooked the vineyards at the back of our house and a lady was outside with her car and your photo just looks like her...... that would be too much of a coincidence..

Thanks for replying - May I ask how long you have lived there and do you enjoy it... The house we have bought is on the main road through the village and that concerns me slightly, however for our purpose it suits us. when we were there a couple of weekends ago we walked around the village and it seems to have everything anyone could need and the villagers that we spoke to seemed extremely friendly and helpful. Is this your experience of the area.. and do you have any general tips for us ??? thanks so much. I think the business you maybe referring to Lucinda is Harveys - it was through seeing Harveys in Montcaret and googling it when I got back to the UK that I actually found this site...

We are living really close by. Get in touch if you need some help

WE are in Gensac.33890