Monthly cost of living Budget

hello everyne,
I haven’t been on here for awhile. There was a post sometime ago on a monthly budget.
Someone had a break down of some rough cost of living items. I had the page book marked but its no longer there.
Can anyone help with some rough idea on cost, for example
EDF (electricity)
Phones and Internet
Heath Insurance
Car and Home Insurances
Taxes (habitation and foncières and TV)
Fuel (to fill up the car twice)
Groceries (approx.)

Thanks kindly

good luck

Sorry, but impossible to answer. Rent - 200 to 2000/ month, what and where?
Health insurance depends on age
Car, petrol or diesel, how big is the Tank?

etc etc

EDF (electricity) : 50 to 150 EUR depending on the rental size, heating system, insulation, and way of living.
Phones and Internet : 10 EUR per cell with limited data, or 20 EUR unlimited, Internet 30-40 EUR including TV, unlimited home phone calls in France
Health Insurance : all employees get the health insurance from their job. If you work by your own, it’s 45-50% of your benefits.
Car and Home Insurances : 1000-2000 EUR per year depending of your car, home size and insurance options
Taxes (habitation and foncières and TV) : Taxe foncière is not for rental residents, only for the owner. see below
Water : about 30-50 EUR per month
Fuel (to fill up the car twice) : 100 to 150 EUR depending of your car fuel tank capacity
Groceries (approx.) : 500 to 1000 EUR per month depending of your way of living

Tax information as resident in a rental in France :

Taxe d’Habitation : any resident with an address in France pays. The most common is about 500 to 1000 EUR per year, calculated on the surface and quality level of the rental, your income is taken in account too.

Taxe d’enlèvement des ordures ménagères : Around 150 to 200 EUR per year. Tax for garbage, only calculated on your type, surface of rental, (and number of living people here too I think). The owner of the rental receives this tax notification on his Property tax form (Taxe Foncière) and he has to justify it to you, as YOU pay it.

Taxe redevance TV : public radio / television tax for any owner of a TV screen. 139 EUR in 2017, raises each year by 2 EUR.

Sanitation cost : ask the water service if the sanitation costs are included in their bills. If not, think you will almost double their bill with a sanitation cost that will be delivered directly by the Town Hall or other Department service.

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Those who say that it’s impossible to tell, that only a possible range can be given, are spot on.

I recorded every centime that we spent during our first two years living in a rural village in the Languedoc. It’s just the two of us. We’re retired on a fixed income. Our mortgage comes to 550 euros per month. The first year we paid full price for all of our healthcare, the second year we had our cartes vitale and a hospitalization-only mutuelle. We shop mainly in supers but give our local shops a bit of trade as well. My wife is a great scratch cook so we eat out only a couple of times a month but every Friday night is pizza night. Internet, landline, and two mobiles - flip phones with no data. The first year, electric radiators. The second, reversible clime. We spent a lot of money at the vet when one of our cats got sick. We’ve visited friends in England a couple of times and been back across the Pond once each. Get the picture?

Monthly average? 2,500 euros. A little more if you count one-time purchases - bits of furniture at the brocante and such ‘depreciable’ items. A little less if you only count ‘basic’ cost of living.

thanks for the budget, it gives me something to work with.