Monthly expenses living in the vienne


I am new to the site and have a question if anyone can offer some advice.

We are looking to purchase a property in Chatain,la vienne and wanted to get an idea of tax d habitation and tax fonciere charges etc in this department.

Also any other advice with regards to ongoing monthly costs for electricity,oil,telephone etc.

I do understand that these will be dependent on usage and we are looking at this being a holiday home initially whilst renovating with a view to possibly creating two gives to rent at some point down the road.

Any advice/idea of approx costs would be great

Thanks in advance


Ask the present owners for the Taxes they pay or ask the agent who will usually have a record of the Foncières. Habitation can depend on personal circumstances. Chatain will not normally be expensive compared to places like Confolens but the amount will depend on so many things.

Knowing what the previous occupants are paying in land taxes will not always give an accurate figure for the new owners as they are often ‘brought up to date’ when the property is sold.

It's quite acceptable to ask the vendors what they pay in taxes Foncieres, de Habitation, and services. All our viewers asked to see our bills. Obviously if the sellers are elderly or are on a very low income they may pay a reduced rate so bare that in mind.

As you say it depends on usage, where you live and how much you use, but we (full time residents) paid for a full tank of oil each year (about 1400 euros), and 5 cubic metres of chene/charme (220 euros) plus gas for the cooker (4 bottles annually), 70 per month for electricity, and 140 per year for chimney sweeping plus 650 each approx for taxes Fonc and Hab, water 120ish per year, plus all insurances of course. You may also have to factor in gardening/keyholding for a holiday home..

Try to buy privately (leboncoin, green-acres??) so that you don't pay huge immo fees.

Good luck, and happy holidays...