More than 60 ice creams are subject to a recall

Scary, thanks for the heads up!

Thankfully I only have our gorgeous Lidl Bourbon vanilla. SO good - even taste tested it next to a Carte D’or and the CdO tasted awful and full of chemicals in comparison! All those ‘oh I’d never be seen shopping at Lidl’ are mad, often the quality is actually superior than what you get in the main supermarkets with even an excellent (and growing) Bio section. Sorry too hot - rant over :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I cannot get into the site :thinking:

@Lily a different reference:

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Problem is with FR sites being translated to English.
This is the correct link:


I made my own, butter pecan, I know exactly whats in it. Butter, cream, eggs, vanilla pod, sweetner and pecans. :yum:


Cheers Graham

very relieved not to find our favourite is on the list… phew…
Carte D’Or…

Honestly Stella, if you like vanilla get some of the Lidl stuff and taste it next to the Carte d’Or - it blows it out of the water - and a fraction of the price!

Hi Tory

Our particular favourite is Carte D’Or chocolate noisette… yummy.
Can’t always find it so we do try other brands.

Like @Corona , I make my own but unfortunately it’s ruined me for commercial ice-creams. Very easy to do, too but not cheap…

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Lidl is out for me, too far away, only one source locally, a small Auchan and I buy their own brand vanilla every time. The only variance I have noticed, and this might be down to a faulty freezer compartment, is that sometimes it is rock hard and I am in fear of bending the spoon. Yesterday I even transferred it to the fridge before dinner and then back to the freezer afterwards.

Rock hard icecream is normal, soft scoop contains antifreeze! I kid you not.

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There is rock hard and impossibly solid like granite, John, but nevertheless your post gives me comfort. :laughing: