More than one AE activity

Hello all, I just posted this question as a 'reply' on a discussion going back over a year ago, but then thought I should ask the question today in case no one reads the old thread. (I have looked through old topics, but am still not sure what to do.)

So - I registered as an AE in Feb 2012 when I had work as a freelance copy-editor. The work has kind of dried up and since September I have been touting for work giving private English lessons. It's finally starting to dribble in. I thought it was easy to add another activity, using the AE website. (I would probably want to add Chambre d'Hote eventually too). However, when I went on there today, I found it confusing. I clicked on 'change of situation' (or some such) and was presented with a form that seemed to be as detailed as the original application. I came out quickly in case I made a mistake. Is there away you can go into your dossier/account and add activities? Should I be even bothering to do this?

Just looked Ricky - this is just the ticket, so many thanks. I had looked at this form already a number of times but couldn't actually see that it allowed you to ADD an activity. The letter from URSSAFF in the tutorial tells you exactly what to do! The tutorial also confirms what Louise says above. The Gautier-Girard website is very useful, isn't it? Must bookmark it.

Found this tutorial after reading your post. It looks like the form is the same for cessation/modification/adding an activity.

"Significantly. part of the tutorial translated courtsy of Google says: Here, the situation is somewhat more complicated because the change form of activity on the official portal of the entrepreneur does not provide the ability to add comments and so make it clear that you want to add an activity."

Here's the link to the P2-P4 form(PDF)

I am going to phone them on Monday to check that this is correct.

I will try that Louise - (I also had the impression that the AE website only allowed you to change activity). I suppose I should have guessed that all the forms would be detailed! Thanks for that.

Hi. I have the same problem too as I am trying to add another activity. About two years ago I added a second activity on the l'autoentrepreneur website but this time it seems to indicate change of activity and not addition of an activity. I googled a bit and found that it can be done on which is Le Centre de Fomalités des Entreprises sur le Net, which has a 'modification' link under Auto entrepreneur followed by Adjonction d'activité tab and a form to fill afterwards. I am not sure if the system has changed in the last year or if I did it incorrectly last time I added an activity. However, all the forms are detailed.