Morning is broken – The Bored Bard

Morning is broken – by the bored bard

morning is broken

the sardined tin-bus

is packed to the brine

the start of the day

is already dragging

the call centre

is pulling me

into this subterranean

egotistic world

where Eloi

do the bidding

for the Morlocks

the mouse clicks like morse

the screen flicker fades

from bright to dim-

and back again

eyes leak ectoplasm

ears -buzz hum buzz

dialing tinnitus tones

reverb-rebound around

we follow the scrip

we learn the lines

“hi, my name is Judas

how can I kiss you?”

clock watching

that un-comfort- break

the clock strikes thirteen

An uncomfortably evocative read. Without seeming pernickety, the grammar of “where Eloi doing the bidding” spoils the metre rather IMO.

The poem does capture the current disrupted and disruptive state of current affairs very starkly and disturbingly. Congratulations! :ok_hand::star:

Hi there

Managed to change the grammatical error. Thanks for that and your feedback…


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