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Can anyone recommend a specialist mortgage broker for France or a big name which they've used? I'm interested in those which can deal with self-employed/Autoentrepreneur applications rather than salaried.

I believe Self Certification mortgages don't exist in France, anyone know any different or if you can get them who from?



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I’ve been in contact with George who is pursuing our bank application and seems confident he can get it through. I have to say, all credit to him, he sounds like he knows his stuff. I am also pleased with the response from David at Best Euro Finance who has been helpful & reassuring too.

I’m waiting to see how George gets on but feeling a bit happier now.

Ok CAFPI doing well, just had an automatic confirmation email from them so I know my request hasn’t gone into the black hole of the internet!

I have now applied to CAFPI, Best Euro Finance & George - the race is on!

I’ve just been told by one bank (who agreed mortgage in principle) that they will disregard my husband’s income in 2010 because we only registered his business in France in 2010 (even though his income is consistent with our previous UK income level). I have no income now as I am currently ‘au foyer’ and it’s hubbie’s income that’s keeping us. Aaarghh!

Thanks for the info Alistair - will bear it in mind for future.

Hey no problems.

I really rate George, I worked in an estate agency, and the French Banks were in UK terms, negligent.

One client walked through the door saying he had a mortgage pre-aranged, which I had never heard of this before, and like you was suspicious.

However, the motgage went through like clockwork, I got my house sold, and since then I have put sveral people in contact with George.

He doesnt always manage to get mortgages approved, but he will let you know in an hour and a half if he cant help you, not three months later, the week before you are due to sign at the notaires, whcih has been my expereince with the banks.

Hope he can help you, let me know how you get on.

Thanks Alastair

ok Alistair, I have to say I was suspicious about this as I generally don’t trust websites requesting information without any transparency. I did a little test because I wasn’t going to put my financial details into a website with no regulatory or contact details and you are correct it does then pop up the website of the mortgage intermediary with their details.

Presumably you are an introducer which is completely acceptable as it is you who has made us aware of this intermediary. I would suggest that you at least put your contact details on your site on the ‘Ask George’ page so if other people like me click through they are comfortable that they are dealing with real people.

Having worked in Financial Services for years, I am highly cautious and believe transparency is the key to a fair financial system that works for client, introducer & intermediary hence my points above.

All that said I am now going to put through a real request for information as I am satisfied with the info on the intermediary’s site and interested by your write up & recommendations. I’ll let you know how I get on!


yep, just fill the form in, press send and their website pops up, with phone nos etc etc

I like the idea of this but I’m not keen on having no contact details or regulatory details of the intermediary. Do they have their own website with these details?
Cheers Suz

I used to work as an estate agent here in France and came across a very helpful outfit, fill in the form here

I also tried working throiugh the branches of sevral Frenchbanks, and they were useless. In the same way that a chocolate teapot is useless

The advantage of thses guys, is that they are British, so understand the british way, self employed, dividends etc etc , plus they have taken the french exams, and understand the French hoops that need jumping through.

They will also tell you quickly if they can help, French banks will say yes, then just before you complete, they say no.

Trust this helps

thanks Judy

I’d suggest David Romano of Best Euro Finance. Excellent range of products (and no I’m not on commission!). Also CAFPI International have a good reputation