Mortgage notes in France and UK

I am new to the group and not sure that I am posting in the right area. I have posted a couple of times about looking in to a residency for a couple years in France. I live in Arizona, U.S.

My company that I work for buys and sells U.S. discounted 1st Trust Deeds/Mortgages. They are now looking to buy in Europe, starting in the U.K. This is a big opportunity for it could get me over there to start research in work/living!

I am looking to connect with someone that has knowledge of the mortgage industry over there, and is familiar with the purchase of mortgage notes. Laws, procedures, etc. Any help would be appreciated!!! (Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum?)

I will be able to help you, please pm me

I am not sure of your first statement...or question, so I really don't know how to reply to that, I apologize. Except to say that I am French Canadian on my father's side and Polish on my mother's side.

Your second question. Our company buys pools of performing as well as non-performing 1st Trust Deeds/mortgages from banking institutions. If we purchase a non-performing note(s) within the pool, we try to work (and according to the laws of the state) with the homeowner to become "performing". If the homeowner chooses that they want to walk away from the home, there are many options we can offer them. We have many investors who choose "performing" loans, because they would like the monthly income from the payments being made, and on time.

I am just looking to connect with someone in the bank/asset industry in Europe (starting with UK), because I am not educated at this time as how the process works over there, and if it is the same.

Thank you for your reply Barbara!

Does your commpany look for those who have fallen into a mortgaged state

of desperation?

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