(Claudia Graf) #1

Are you having problems with mosquitoes where you are? Here on the CdA, we are bothered a lot by this new type (for this region) of mosquito, the tiger mosquito. They seem to be immune to all the known repellents, well at least the natural ones. They are of various sizes with quite visible white markings. Any tips as to what could work (apart from those dreaded chemicals)…

(Liane Edwards) #2

In my younger days!.. I did the back-packing thing USA, Thailand, OZ etc., and was told to either drink lots of beer (ugh) or take vitamin b tablets, they don’t like the yeast smell/taste. It worked for me.

(Claudia Graf) #3

Thanks for all your suggestions. The bedroom isn’t so much of a problem. It’s working in the garden or being around the pool that is the problem.
I have an organic Mosimix, a blend of essential oils, which works for me. But my mother is attacked no end by the little blighters…

(Gary Davies) #4


They do not like ‘wind’, so if you have a fan that can be put on low speed you will find that they won’t be bothering you, also a good way of keeping them away is to buy a BASIL plante and put it in your bedroom, they don’t like that and stay away, as they love me I have tried all the other ways but this one works, as far as electric difusers go I am always worried about what I am breathing in during the night if its in my bedroom, so go buy a plant and you will see that they will give you a break


(Sheila Johnston) #5

After a largely mozzie-free summer here on the Cote Bleue, we’ve suddenly had a wave of them. I just rely on coils and the Bayer plug-in flacons.

(Richard Randall) #6

The only thing that works is Deet and it needs to b 100% :frowning: I’ve traveled a lot in Africa and Asia and the worst Mossies I’ve ever meet where near Port la Nouvelle (Aude). They would bite you through denim.
Drinking beer/wine and sweating it out also seems to work (or that’s my excuse) and garlic and strong onions.