Most Influential Author of all time

OK fellow bookworms…I’ve just been asked who I thought was the most influential author of all time and to be honest, I’m stumped! I’m finding it almost impossible to come up with only one. A very thought provoking question.

So what are your thoughts?

That actually shouldbe: THEY who wrote etc.

Influential for who though? The world, the West, the East? Not sure how you can measure influence either - the number of people who’ve read his/her books? Consequences as a result of an author’s books?

You could say that Darwin’s book on evolution was the most influential because it changed the course of scientific research on the origins of the world, but is it more influential than one that changed the way people think? (and it did that too)

Impossible question to answer IMHO. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the bible or koran were written by any single person.
I would nominate either Milan Kundera or Italo Calvino.
Then possibly Ayn Rand.
Oh dear the list could be absolutely endless if we started to categorise too.

he who wrote the bible or the koran i guess, well those two books have had more influence over the world than most i would think. Failing that Wilbur Smith!