MOT any extension?

Bonjour les tous et Bonne Annee.
My MOT expires 23 Jan. Is there any leeway/extension? Merci bien…

MoT - UK registered car? Or contrôle technique- french registered car? Either way not really possible to extend the expiry date.

Thank you. English car French registration. I thought the UK allowed 14 days after expiry? Oh well bite the bullet. If it fails how long do I have to get it fixed? Merci.

Also SVP. My Hyundai lantra was registered in 2000. If it passes controle technique when will it be considered a classic car?

If it’s French registered then it needs to have a (French) CT. The MOT has no relevance for a French registered car.

If it fails the CT, you’ll be asked to fix the relevant items and submit for a retest within 2 months, as long as the fail items are minor in nature.
If it’s failed because of a défaillance critique, then you’ll be allowed to drive it until the end of the day but no longer i.e. drive it immediately to a place where it can be repaired!


When it’s 30 years old, you can apply for FFVE attestation.

merci beaucoup…

after 30 years. Sorry same info as given by Brian. Easy proces but only be post to the address in Billancourt. Online registration doesnt work.

The CT for motor cycles comes into force on the 1 Jan 24. Spoke to the CT guy yesterday and he stilll has no info what and how they will be checked. Sounds good.

I read a while back that they were reluctant to spend money on the necessary equipment for this very reason. I guess I’ll need to do a bit of digging and see when mine needs to be done.

actually, the first tranche of this new CT… is for vehicles registered prior to 2017 and comes into force 17th April 2024

Stella, correct, the law is effective from 1. Jan. My local autosur doesnt know exactly what he is expected to test nor has he any additional equipment to test the bikes. They will have a hard job testing the suspension and the brakes using the present installations, the emissions wont comply either. The only thing really is a visual inspection and maybe a noise emission check which will put 90% of the 50 cc (!!) here off the road.

This very subject was being discussed today… we were out and about and dropped in on a friend in the trade,

One suggestion/thought is that there will be only certain CT testing stations, in any locality/area… which will carry the equipment to test this new branch of vehicle,

rather than the current situation which often has several testing stations in the same town…

seems it is very much a wait and see… for the moment,