Motorcycle clubs

Are there any motorcycle clubs or bikers that live near Confolens. Looking for mates for ride outs, track days etc.

I don’t ride, but friends are. Look up Steel Horse Stables on Facebook. Might fit the bill as a motorcycle club, new members always welcome…

There are various sites on Google, talking about motards and what they are up to… … but this link seems interesting… you can change the “place” and the “sport” and find clubs further afield…

Val de Vienne is great… been there a few times.

Have you considered contacting the Bandidos ?
They were quite active north of Toulouse, at one time.
Their definition of “track days”, however, may differ from your own.

There are a lot of British bikers in your area. This a Facebook group is a popular way to get together,
and the Bikers Club France page is another possibility.

I would also expect your local Tourist Office and/or Maison des Associations to have info on what groups/clubs/activities are going on in your area… might be worth checking with them… :hugs:

Just spotted this…

Charentales Brewery Bike Meet.

Come along and join us for Breakfast , teas, coffees and a good natter!

A great excuse to get your bike out!

Feel free to come along even if you don’t have a bike but just fancy a good English breakfast!!!

This event will take place in the Salle des Fetes in the village of Paizay-Naudouin-Embourie 16700

Jan 11th from 10.30 - 13.30h

This was a really nice event and a good chance to meet other people - always helpful when you’re new to an area! :slight_smile:

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