Motorcycle licence

I have a 125cc licence (as part of my French driving licence) - anyone know what's involved in getting it increased to 500cc???

Well - as the saying goes - "nice try, but no cigar". I got my IDP at the Pau prefecture today - excellent, fast, friendly service. And because I was in the car-park less than 30 mins, no parking charge. However .... I got the "B" permit OK, but the "A" is only given when you have passed the full test. You don't even get the moped category. So - back to square 1.

Thanks Ben!!

Like this:

It's free, although you need your mugshots and some other small paperwork. You can have it send to your home-adress or pick it up at the "Prefecture". Delivery time is anything between immediately and a few weeks, depending on the préfecture so apply for it way ahead of your departure date......

Thanks for that Ben -- there's one of those "closed" areas near here where I've seen people weaving about through cones. I will pop in there and have a word.

In the meantime I think I may have the answer to the question of riding in India ... they only accept an international driving permit in India and - certainly true of the ones issued in Britain by the AA - the size of a bike is not specified, just the fact that you are allowed to ride a motorcycle.

Any idea what a French-issued IDP looks like???

If you already have some motorbike experience and some time at your hands you might consider one of these "packages" some of the driving schools offer. You'll get a set number of lessons, to start with plenty of exercise on a closed area, the theoretical part and finally (after you passed the theoretical part) you take the road with a "monitor" and some other apprentice bikers.

Our group was allowed to mount a bike after 2 hours of instruction and we were heading straight for the neighboring racing circuit of Bordeaux and had a fabulous day there. All it takes to boost a bit of confidence :-)

The French exam is also different from what you might be used to. Beside the usual stuff, a lot of attention is given to handling the bike under various circumstances, extremely tight corners, evasive maneuvers, speed etc. If, during the exam, you perform only adequate, you might lose the exam due to a blocking rear wheel during one of the tests....

But the costs are anywhere between 1200-1500 euros for the package.....

Thanks Glen. A friend of mine has been put off going for his (car) driving licence here as he's been told he has to take 39 lessons before taking the test. The cost of that is just too much for him. (He should have done it before he came to France!) So - is it the same for a bike licence? I may not be the world's most skilled rider, but I don't think I would need THAT many! I wonder if it's possible to get an Indian motorcycle licence?!? :-)

Thanks Ben - that's what I thought - I guess I will have to work on improving my French a bit first.

Yours looks a bit more exotic than I had in mind! I'm thinking about a ride on a "Bullet" in India.

Here's one of me on a BSA I used to get rides on!

You'll need to get the A-license through the classical driving lessons and an exam. Get some info from local bikers for the best driving schools. But once you got it you can drive something like this one:

instead of a 500cc ;-)