Motorcycle - requesting a new carte-gris to reflect 'modification technique' on ANTS

Hi, this is a bit esoteric, but might be useful to someone…? Apologies in advance (I can hear the yawns already :blush:)

Executive summary:
We submitted an incorrect carte gris for me after I purchased a second-hand 650cc (kW power 49) motorcycle as an A level moto rider, but I am A2. It turns out that the kW power has had to be adjusted for me to get insurance and I must request a new carte-gris. I think I’ve found how to request one, for ‘modification technique’: log into my ANTS account, go to certificat d’immatriculation --> Autre --> Parcours guide --> Pour commencer -->

Long story:

We needed to change the kW power output on my motorcycle from 49 to 35, to reflect my A2 status on my permis to conduire. We did this. [BTW, the re-fit (throttle linkage stop fitted) was not performed by a garage, but by OH. That might be an impediment to approval for insurance so remains to be seen. ]

Next we visited a local agency to submit a request for insurance. We didn’t bring in the proof of motorcycle restriction. If only we’d thought to bring the Certificate of Motorcycle Restriction with us, when we went to the insurance agency in October in person … ah the days before re-confinement. Then again, it might not have helped that much, since the nice associate at the local insurance agency was an intermediary and not a direct agent for Xenassur the moto insurance company. She wasn’t familiar with the A2 restricted power output situation and she spoke only French and we speak limited French so perhaps that’s a lesson as well. Bottom line is that we set up the carte gris incorrectly and the insurance associate submitted what we gave her, and we left the insurance agency with a temporary one month’s worth of motorcycle insurance in hand, pending full approval. This week we received a letter from Xenassur stating that they can’t give insurance because field J.1 on the carte-gris gives the wrong description of, I guess, power output…? Carrosserie…? It currently (incorrectly for my situation) states ‘MTT2’ in that field. Xenassur instructed us to go to ANTS and request a change to the carte-gris (certificat d’immatriculation [but you knew that]).

On ANTS, it would be straightforward to request a change for example, for my address. But for this situation I needed to find where to request to change a ‘field’ : modification technique.

Today finally I think I’ve found how to request a new carte gris for modification technique: log into my ANTS account, go to certificat d’immatriculation --> Autre --> Parcours guide --> Pour commencer

BTW they request the following docs (images 1 Mb size format or less):

  • current proof of residence (electric bill, etc),
  • the ex-carte gris, and
  • attestation de conformité liée au débridage de ma moto (certificate of motorcycle restriction).
    As I mentioned, the re-fit (throttle linkage stop fitted) was not performed by a garage, but by OH. That might be an impediment to approval.

If anyone’s at all interested, I’ll keep you posted on how I fare with the process.


NB: in the US, my driver’s license reflects permission to ride any cc of motorcycle. It comes from one of the few states in the US where a US - France equivalent exchange of drivers’ licenses can occur. This includes car and motorcycle, except France permis limits the exchange equivalent to only up to A2. We found this out a bit late in the game; there are motorcycles for sale with the adjustment already made. It seems you can even get a Harley with such adjustment.

You might find that it is more involved than you think!

I have not researched this myself but did find this - "There are many reasons why a biker might want to switch his bike from the MTT2 to MTT1 category, i.e. to clamp his two-wheeler. For example, a young person who wants to buy a KTM motorbike with a certain power, but who won’t be able to enjoy it before the age of 21, can have it bridled while waiting to ride a more powerful MTT2 motorbike. It can also be a question of a motorbike licence. In any case, the motorbike’s restriction will have to be reflected in the vehicle registration document in order to be in order with the law. To change from the MTT2 to the MTT1 category, you will need to have the bridle kit installed by an authorised dealer, who will then give you the bridle certificate required to make the change of category on the vehicle registration document using the following documents:

Cerfa form n°13750*05
Proof of identity (original + copy)
Proof of address (original + copy)
Original car registration document
Price of the vehicle registration document
Clamping certificate"

Hi Mark,

I have a confession: I was rather hoping my post would catch your notice.

Thanks very kindly. I’ve submitted a request to ANTS but I do agree, I may find that this first attempt might not be sufficient to get the change made. For the article in Eplaque: I see that you translated the section I needed, into English as an excerpt here. You’re the coolest.


Having restricted various motorcycles in Germany (when the 27 hp law came in) and also in Switzerland (my 30 year old Ducati) you will need the type approval from the manufacturer of the restricter kit which you used and not some bodge setup. Also the manufaturers will provide tech info on how it is achieved. Some restrict via camshafts, others do it by limiting the height of the slides in the carbs. Either way you may need to go with this type aproval cert to either a dealer or the CT and they will certify it is fitted correctly. Be aware, the registration authorities might even then not accept it like in my case in Switzerland which was fitted and certified by Ducati.

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True, Roger, I see what you mean. The authorities in France will have no way to know that my husband’s been a motorcycle mechanic for over 30 years. While I have every trust that he did it to perfection and with professional aplomb, there’s no proof. I think that will be a sticking point for success.

By the way, the method of power restriction he used was by fitting a throttle linkage stop. We used the parts and documentation provided by a company called Kickstart Engineering. This is all just FYI, in case you’re interested.

Your main point is the big question, I agree: dealer or other France moto professional outfit probably need to certify it. I’m still waiting to hear back from ANTS, but even so I’m prepared for the next step: taking the motorcycle to get the method certified as you’ve said.

Anyway. Thanks for your insight. I can keep you posted, if you’re at all interested. Cheers

I am also aprenticed by NVT in Andover and I used the original kit as supplied by Ducati and fitted by a Ducati workshop the reggie authorities still didnt accept it. I had the beast in the garage for 5 years only able to ride now and again on a weeks short term registration from Germany. When i went to Ireland it was an absolute doddle, they only wanted the frame number. I didnt ride much as the roads are just beyond the pale (French farm tracks are a breeze compared) and i didnt want to knacker the bearings and bushes plus yours truly.

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