Motorway tags. (Liber-t)

Mine has died. Trouble us APRR. Have only one office we come anywhere near. I hear good thinds of ALIS for service - anyone know if I can get a tag at a site on the A28 or is it online / post only? Anyone know how long they take?

Hmm. The french call them "Liber-T" and the clue to where you can use them is a bright orange "t" over the toll gate. In the uk the few places we have with tolls refer to such devices as "tags" (Dart-Tag for the Dartford crossing, for example, Severn bridge similar) so I'm surprised you've not come across the term! :-) But it's just the sort of thing that everyone has their own jargon for.

We used ours only last month, but as we swished through the Bouligone "30k" gate at 30, with me waving theunit over my head (we had the roof off, and the new car doesn't have a window mount yet anyway) the barrier refused to work. Good brakes. FYI even the "drive through at 30" issue a ticket if your tag isn't working, so you can get through without reversing out. And did you know that so long as you approach a manned booth, you can still pay with your tag - if the RF link isn't working they scan the barcode on the side.

Sounds like Vinci have more offices available than many. Which motorway is that, the Orleans to Vierzon section? Might be a good reason to swap to them...

Ditto. We have no nearby motorway and most of our long journeys have alternatives that are just as direct and quick, so I simply did not know what they were called. I do now. In case we ever need one.

Just so Andrew - can't see why that wasn't clear from the title to Tony and Brian. I realise the messag was a bit terse - I was en route so tapping on a small phone screen instead of using a full keyboard.

Thanks Julian. Yes, looks like that's the safest option for a swap, or go to the Clermont office when it's actually open. This trip we're going home on a Tuesday so we'll probably sort it then. Most annoying.

Your point about ALIS noted - much check small print. The APRR deal we are on is nothing special - no discounts as such, just the convenience of the tag vs having to stop and fart about with cards and cash on the wrong side of the car. Generally we only use the NON-toll section of the A28 north of Rouen but if they had a sales office not too far down the Rouen/Alencon section we could've used that and then diverted to Evereux/Chartres.

Thanks Chris - you can only swap them with your OWN supplier, however - outs is APRR and the only office we pass is at Clermont, on the northbound side, INSIDE the toll gates. Not ultra convenient.

When mine stopped working I went to our nearest motorway junction and asked them to change it and they did so there and then, after asking whether I got my original from a museum?

its a télépéage / autoroute thinging

i think.

Seconded, but...??