Motown & other classics

Anyone out there recall the days of K Tel & Telstar record releases ? This was the time when such classic albums featuring all the favourites would be issued, usually at Christmas to cash in on the popular market. These kind of records were big sellers, especially the K Tel vynyls of the '70s so i'm sure the vast majority of households boasted at least one.

This particular one graced the family record collection in the '80s but somehow got lost in the move to warmer climes. You can imagine my delight when I came across this gem in a record shop in Limoges last week. It's in near mint condition and so didn't hesitate to hand over my 9 Euros in order to enjoy the music from one of the great periods of popular music.

The track list is impressive featuring most of the biggest motown hits. Picking a top three from that list is nigh on impossible but i'll have a go with :

1 - Jimmy Ruffin with "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"

2 - Jacko with "Ben"

3 - Four Tops with "Walk Away Renee"

Loads of memories from the '60s & '70s and further proof to me that Motown will never lose it's appeal. I wonder if anyyone will be saying the same about todays 'music' ?