Movers for France to US

I am moving a lot of household stuff back to the USA after many years here - I probably have 5 cubic meters and will be shipping.
Question - who are the best movers and who should I avoid?

Hi Caryll,
When I moved from Los Angeles to France, I used The Best Moving Service In LA | FlatRate Moving. I was very satisfied with their service and they were the cheapest moving company at the time (2009). Everything arrived in one piece. No damage, even with the fragile items. They came with all sizes of moving boxes and helped pack everything in a jiffy! I even got an additional three months of free storage (they kept my stuff in their warehouse in the UK for six months) while I was looking for a house in France. All that only cost me $2 100.00 (boxes, packing, shipping, and storage included-3BR, 2 BA Apt.) I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again to go back home. Good luck with your move!

Thanks! I have reached out to them. They seem to still be in business.

All the best,


Great! Good luck! :slight_smile: