Moving back to the UK - telling the FR Gov

We’re moving back to the UK permanently and in the process of closing down all our connections with France.

When we move house within France, I remember there being a website where I told them our new address and move date, and they conveniently told all the relevant people automatically for us (Taxe d’habitation, URSSAF, etc).

However, I can’t now find that site… nor do I know if it can be used to tell them we’re leaving. Does anyone know the site address? And/or, could you point me to where I need to go to make sure I close down my business properly (Auto-entrepreneur) and also let them know we’ve moved out of the property we were staying in (rented), so that we don’t get charged the full taxe d’habitation for the year!

I know I can close my AE business here: - but I also have a login for Impots - is it connected, or do I need to declare there somewhere also. If only I could find that site that did it all for me!

Try your nearest France Services

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btw I think taxe d’habitation is due in full for the year based on your occupying the property on 1st January of the relevant year


we have already moved back to the uk, we transferred our addresses ourselves, however if you need good moving team that offers last minute delivery and arrange customs and paperwork i can recommed the company that did really good job for us - check their removals to France services