Moving date - well it's only 4 days late! Now that takes the biscuit

After obtaining multiple quotes for putting our furniture in storage for Summer as we have to leave our gite on 5th July, I'd arranged for them to collect today which would give us the weekend to assess what was left and clear out the rest of the stuff into our friends garage.

I was up ready at 7am expecting them to arrive at 7.30-8. By 9am no show. Ok...c'est le midi. By 12.00 no show. I called the office - no answer. I called the mobile and left a message. At 2pm I called the office again. No answer. I emailed the office.

At 3pm I called the mobile and got Monsieur Demenageur on the phone. He says we hadn't booked a definite date (which we had!). He said it was too late today and so it would have to be next that ok? Err Yes...I suppose so but its a good job we don't HAVE to be out this weekend.

Oh well on the plus side at least I have my comfy sofas for another few days and my little one has her cot bed until Monday...I hope!

We shall see! I certainly won't be as agreeable on Monday as I was today.

Have a dunk on me :-D

Hey Brian - I had email confirmation last night that they will be here at 7.30 on Monday - I'll get the custard creams ready :)

Digestive or Rich Tea? The biscuit I mean ;-)

Congratulations if it is ONLY four days. I am looking forward to the next instalment with baited breath and fingers crossed for you.